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  1. What direction should any potential release go in, whether it's old material or new material? Should it be straight forward like AFD, a mix of everything like UYI - CD, Experimental like the leaks or something else? I can see some travels getting released by next year or a live release, an album I doubt. If they do I think they should work on a smart marketing campaign with professionals, there's a lot of money to be made.
  2. Are the Golden circle tickets worth the extra $ or are you better off just getting regular standing?
  3. Never have the lyrics "I don't care about you, FUCK YOU" been more appropriate 🤔
  4. Dead horse needs venom and power when sung, not a fan of how he's singing it but it's great they're mixing up the set
  5. Agreed, when he wants to he can knock it out of the park. Wish they'd do I don't care about you live.
  6. If My World & Oklahoma aren't played I'm rioting!!!!..... Peacefully and internally.
  7. Add the first two Vegas shows in there, they were 🍑
  8. So tonight we're getting the same setlist except they'll play don't cry and Locomotive. Performance will be 2 1/2 hours, will start decent, get a bit eh and finish.
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