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  1. Can I just second this - I've searched a lot but can only find mysterious references to "places" on the internet - it would really help fans here who are non-techies if someone could just point us in the right direction please?
  2. Noooo that's making my heart hurt...
  3. Sooo jealous you got to go to an actual gig!! That seems a very long time away here. Missing live music so much. I think those saying they won't go to another GNR show unless they add new music or mix up the setlist are nuts. I would kill to see any band right now and I'll be even keener by the time it's actually possible. Guns and all other bands are going to clean up financially when touring starts again, if only from pent up frustration of fans having no gigs to go to for so long.
  4. Very nice, thanks for sharing. Nice idea to do a compilation of more recent clips. You into the Slaxl too then?? I want to believe it, therefore yes.
  5. My feelings exactly on an autobiography from Axl! I wish he'd use the pandemic downtime to write it. I'd be first in the queue!!
  6. I hate to say it but I think so too. I'll be so sad to miss them again.
  7. I'm dropping in after ages to see who's here and to say hi. People I remember from ages ago are @MillionsOfSpiders @Padme @janrichmond @alfierose @Blackstar... There's not much going on in GNR-land is there?? (or anywhere else for that matter... I am SOOOO over this pandemic 😓) The only "news" lately is the death of Stephanie Seymour's son - so tragic! The poor woman. To lose a child must be the worst kind of loss. 😭
  8. Someone sent me this... never saw it before. Wasn't Slash's mom a knockout?!
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