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  1. Someone sent me this... never saw it before. Wasn't Slash's mom a knockout?!
  2. Same here. It's my only way to totally let off steam. Now who knows when we'll be able to do it again, and even then, whether it'll be the same. One of the things I love about gigs is being part of a crowd, the crush (only up to a point of course)... will it ever be like that again?
  3. That can never be repeated enough... Right?! The ones that go "my husband..." - I really don't get those. Yeah they strike me as a very committed, settled couple. Anyone know exactly how they got back together? As in, I assume they had no contact for ages after Slash dumped her... did they run into each other? Did one of them decide to call the other after all those years?? I'm super curious.
  4. Excellent topic for a thread. What a beautiful sight Axl in a g string is definitely a story It looks to me like he had taken off his shorts as the show was finished but for some reason ended up back on stage. Thanks for reposting. That a4d site is amazing.
  5. Thanks. Can’t believe we’re still waiting for updates! Wonder is it band management / promoters / venues delaying things.
  6. Amazing. Lucky you! What were your impressions of him? aaaah so envious!! I was there too!! Were you at the rail? What did your banner say? Sorry to deviate for a minute... Does anyone know where there might a high-res version of this pic, and other shots from the same photo session? (posted in another forum too)
  7. Jesus this is so seedy. Duff can hardly string a sentence together. So different now.
  8. Going by Slash's, Duff's, Steven's and Matt's books, they were very sloppy. Had sex with loads of people. Never used protection. Duff and Slash tell how they all got STIs. My take is: Going by numbers alone, there have got to have been pregnancies. My guess is that unlike Dizzy and Steven (who made a lot less money from GNR), Axl, Duff, Slash and Izzy had the money to hire good lawyers, and women were hushed up and paid off. I would imagine most would have had abortions.
  9. That's what the woman said in her book. Me neither. I do read all the books, but only to glean extra info about the AFD five and that era.
  10. Does anyone know where there might a high-res version of this pic, and other shots from the same photo session? TIA x
  11. Puts more context on Roxana Shirazi's story that he made her have an abortion - he didn't want to pay any more child support. What a guy
  12. Hello! How you been? Have you managed to read Matt's book?
  13. SCOM despite everything is my all-time favourite song of any band, I can't listen to it casually because it makes me emotional. Detest all cover versions. Can't understand why Axl or any band member who was around at the time it was written would pimp it out as much as it has been. So so sad.
  14. What a joker Pity we can't see his eyes clearly, I love pics of Slash with no shades or hair in front of his face. I'm always surprised to see how much jewellery he and Axl wear in 'normal' life, all those rings and bracelets would irritate the shit out of me. Anyone else in mourning for all the cancelled / soon-to-be-cancelled shows?? I have tickets for Dublin and Munich 2020 is basically fucked
  15. I've always been fascinated by how Axl looks in those Donington pics... is that what it is?? (I'm so innocent ) He looks so incredibly young, thin and fresh-faced. I adore those pics. Haven't they been touching every so often since NITL began? When were they avoiding each other? (genuine question)
  16. Are you in the UK? From what I've heard restrictions there are more lax there than here atm. My family and I have been self-isolating for over a week now. I'm a SAHM at the moment so the biggest change for me is having my kids and husband home full time. (Husband is working from home.) The kids have been sick so that's kind of dominated things so far. Not seriously - just cough, sore throat, no energy. Our GP advised no need to test them. Two out of three are mostly recovered now, one still poorly. Psychologically we're doing OK so far. I do think the kids are starting to miss
  17. I wouldn't dignify alternative nation by calling their work 'articles'... this is pure shit, clickbait, trying to make news out of nothing. Not to mention policing women's bodies.
  18. Anyone else on the GNR mailing list?... just got the one about 'Valentine' merch - supposedly reduced prices but still $40 for a t shirt anyway I'm a sucker and ordered the red 'so fine' one. Can't wait for delivery!!
  19. Which do you think is more likely? Really good points. +1. It's an amazing song, including lyrically.
  20. Think of how many photos there must be of Axl - millions. Statistically I'm sure there's some kind of correlation between the number of bad photos and the number of good ones. He has so many amazing ones - it's inevitable that there would be bad ones too. His good ones are sooooo good... we should just show people one of those every time we're sent a 'fat Axl' meme. *Takes opportunity to gratuitously post one of my favourites*
  21. I've been watching the 1986 Music Machine video and made a few screenshots in the interests of community service This is the best of them. Blurry but good enough.
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