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  1. Is it possible houston comes back on this NITL selects? We NEED nightrain from this show!
  2. Is there a posibility that we can have a "Slash T-shirt Thread"? I have maybe over 100 tshirt and always looking for some cool one, and Slash has many
  3. Twitter was just at the beginning to get lots of users when he died, so no wonder he didnt use twitter
  4. Okey folks, 60k people in a stadium, every song is a piss brake for some folks, 60k in one place, 1% at least need to take a piss after drinking lots of beer all day. Went to 4 shows, people where pissing all the time at every song
  5. Couldnt find the other GS without early entrance, if anyone have a link to TM where it is? Could only find standing and those expencive "vip" tickets.. Never had early entry if anyone wonder😂 i like standing in line and talk with people, thats one of the thing i like beeing at concert.
  6. Yeah, out of maybe 50-60 concert i have been at, i have always used GS if there is. Maybe i drop it now, or i'l wait and see if the prices drop. Money aint really a problem, but wont pay too much if i dont think the tickets are worth it.
  7. Maybe im going for the Dublin show, how is Marlay Park? and 99 euro for Standing and 338 euro for gold circlecle early entry package, little bit expencive for GS...
  8. Nice, planning on taking my gf to the concert, her first big concert in life, my 6th GnR NITL concert.. 😅 Wasnt gonna go to the show this round but... cant sitt still.
  9. Still think there are ticket left for tottenham show in a month or two?
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