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  1. Shadow from this show, shows that Axl can still reach AC DC levels, outstanding 👏
  2. The ending of Hard School reminds me of Oh My God from Rio 2001 when the band finished and Axls still singing 😂
  3. Coma and Madagascar sound outstanding 🤘
  4. I never understood why they haven't played Pretty tied up, suits axls current voice perfectly Imo
  5. Thought this may interest a few, love his rendention of the solo British guitarist Chris Buck was voted Best New Guitarist by Total Guitar in 2017 and has gained attention from legendary guitarst Slash, BBC, and more
  6. Is it right to say that Axl hasn't been this slim since 2006? He looks fuckin great!🍻👍
  7. Tbf that probably happens in most big bands and some small bands on tour, they do all there rehearsing pre tour so through the tour they don't really need to hang out if they don't want to 🤷‍♂️ We do know that they all hangout off stage on occasions but being stuck with each other 24/7 would probably lead to another break up 😂
  8. I've listened to a few shows from this year and I think the clean voice is as strong as its been since 2002 which I think the weight loss has a big impact on that. If Axl sings live like this for the next 10-15 years I'd be okay with that
  9. Bucket, Finck, pitman etc? I always thought it be cool if Finck did Better on this tour as a special guest, Bucket would be the dream doing TWAT 🥲
  10. Mental that only 8 years later he came back with the braids and big shirts etc
  11. Maybe he wears it cause Melissa smells? 😅 (joke)
  12. Who gives a fuck if Frank wants to wear a mask, his choice, and people complaining about out it, does it affect you in any way shape or form no, so stfu. Bunch of wetwipes 😅
  13. Lets all just take a step back and realise, Guns have debuted a song and released it within the same week. What a time! And the positive press will be huge for the band especially Axl in releasing more new music
  14. I really like the way Slash and Fortus trade solos 🤘
  15. Tell you what I noticed big time on the stream was Axls movement, running up and down the steps by Frank which he hardly does, running side to side. He looked really into it which was great to see
  16. The scary thing is for the 1st time he sounded like (e.g the bridge on ycbm) that his voice just wouldn't go there and it was just dropping to his normal voice another example is from Hershey when he said "it's gonna bring you down" on jungle, And the other frustrating thing is, there are plenty of songs which would suit Axls voice more now or he could sing in a normal register which would still kick ass.... you ain't the first, the garden, pretty tied up...New songs 😬👀 Imo after 2017 given the huge gnr tour and acdc axl probably could have done with 2018 and 2019 off from touring.
  17. If the clean voice has power behind it,it sounds fine (HOB 2001) It's when he sounds winded it sounds weak. Slowing the tempo down will help greatly with this
  18. A few months ago, we had no idea when or if ever we would see live shows again. I hope everyone has a great time!
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