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  1. I guess I'm part of the minority who love it the synth pop/rock sound can be weird at first, but it really grows on you after a few listens. It's modern but it's not '' pushed'' modernity like in CD' s case. And Billy's melodies are top notch anyways.
  2. Wow I missed that But for me it isn't that much of a trolling it's just a very cheap thing to do... We can never know whit this band and with the first axl pic anyone could think it's just the elections but there's been silence long enough anyways😀
  3. Then I'm out But I think they must know how easily fans can misread this so that would be dumb or trolling and they can't be that big trolls
  4. I dont think it's a joke anymore... Maybe not new music but we're getting something I suppose
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