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  1. 1 hour ago, bucketmaster101 said:

    I think Radiohead did something similar with In Rainbows Disc 2 etc. It's definitely a good way to keep up engagement etc. As well as to let fans in on some element of the creative process; to try and see why some songs maybe didn't work in the context of that particular album. 

    I've always thought it was madness that Staircase was never included on the King of Limbs but I guess it's slightly too smooth perhaps compared to the glitchy atmospheric IDM on the main album. 

    Agreed on SP. I actually enjoyed their previous album, haven't got round to listening to their new one yet although the reviews and comments like the above don't give me much confidence but I'm sure I'll find something to like. 

    I guess I'm part of the minority who love it :D the synth pop/rock sound can be weird at first, but it really grows on you after a few listens. It's modern but it's not '' pushed'' modernity like in CD' s case. 

    And Billy's melodies are top notch anyways. 

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  2. 48 minutes ago, GNRfanJen said:

    This is the same establishment that uploaded a YouTube playlist labeled "Hammerstein 2006" and rather than having any video of, you know, performances from Hammerstein, it was a playlist of the studio version of the songs they played. They can be. 

    I'm very wary about this because we've been through this song and dance before, but if they post something cryptic again tomorrow, that would be 3 days in a row, which we know for them is unprecedented. Maybe then, there might be validity to something, anything coming. 

    Wow I missed that

    But for me it isn't that much of a trolling it's just a very cheap thing to do... We can never know whit this band and with the first axl pic anyone could think it's just the elections but there's been silence long enough anyways😀


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