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  1. Bought it in 95 I think on cassette tape when it first came out. Was expected to be the catalyst to get them moving again and their were countless snippets already in magazines about them starting to work on a new album. Was a pretty underwhelming and meh track I thought from the off. Certainly a low point of their recording careers bar a few UYI and TSI turkeys...
  2. looks like a major league rock star hanging out having some fun with some adoring hot fans hanging on his every word to me - nothing more nothing less - looks a great time for all involved!
  3. For me its probably Paradise City. It has it's moments and the intro and bridge are cool, but the outro and choruses for me are just not on par with their great stuff. November Rain needs a mention for me - iconic soloing but not that a great a song - the most inferior of the big UYI ballads for me. TWAT and Madagascar also need calling out - overwrought, earnest and no where near Guns top gear level of greatness...
  4. 1000 times better than the NITL stuff they released a month or so back. Band sounds tight , vibey and on. Couldn't get over how messy (Slash in particular) and sterile the first batch sounded and this is a vast improvement. The actual camera footage is a huge improvement too. Very cool!
  5. My show in Wellington , New Zealand February 2017 I was fully expecting Slash to be MVP. I was pretty disappointed to be honest - the show was fantastic don't get me wrong, but it was Axl and Duff of the big 3 who really brought it as far as I'm concerned. Fortus was also fantastic. It was bucketing with rain and the stage was slippery i'm guessing and subsequently he remained pretty rooted to the spot but soloing at times was sloppy and meandering. One could draw the conclusion that he phoned it in. Don't get me wrong - it was Slash, he looked cool and it was cool. But the Slash i'd
  6. Have read most of it and I have to say, this is the lowest grade GNR related book of any kind to date. And I've read 'em all. While there are some interesting insights, tidbits and alternate perspectives it's largely coloured by a real sense of insincerity, insecurity, boastfulness and outright boorishness. I am definitely no prude, but the way he talks about groupies and women in general is toe-curlingly cringeworthy. I can't begin to imagine what his wife makes of some of the excerpts. As to why he is not on the NITL tour - if you read this book, I think it will become abundantl
  7. Great vocals - shame about Robin's bum notes in the solo
  8. My hard drive shat itself a while back and I no longer have these Is anyone able to help?
  9. how is it that shows and clips shot on iPhones sound better? I guess its the vibe of the audience/ambience etc... these soundboards expose more of the sloppiness. Slash's tone in particular. There is also not the vibe one would expect of Guns. Hopefully new material will conjure something more vibey up
  10. So much aimless and sloppy noodling from Slash, He has really regressed seemingly
  11. Slash's tone sucks ass these days compared to UYI era
  12. Great topic and I think everyone has pretty much covered it all. Izzy's scratchy, tubey, earthy tone also was such a beautiful complimentary sonic tone to Slash's more traditional Marshall sound. I always come back to Rocket Queen and One in a million of great examples of the Izzy sound - but LLAS in general is also a great reference point and I agree that for several AFD songs it was Slash and not Izzy adapting more. But it was swings and roundabouts and they were perfect for each other. He was Miles Davis - knowing and understanding inherently that the spaces you're n
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