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  1. So excited!!! We are so blessed to have Marc. I hope Axl won’t fuck anything up with the release.
  2. It’s really mind-blowing when you think about how much of a professional band GNR was in the 90s with all their old staff and compare it with now. Even the photographer is awful! Sad.
  3. Seriously, for how many years are they gonna do gigs with the same old songs? 20 years? To compensate Slash’s departure? I wonder if Axl is broke now so he needs to do shows every fucking year to avoid a bankruptcy.
  4. Guys, with all honesty you have... do you think it’s possible for Slash to leave GNR again if there is no new material? I think it is, unfortunately.
  5. I’m still intrigued by that. Was it a really new song? Cuz If it is, Axl’s vocals were on fire. He sounds like Hollywood Rose Axl in that track. If he released something with that voice, oh my... I can’t even put in words.
  6. Exactly!!! LOL. Or even Pepsi. I’d love to see Axl pissed off again lmao
  7. Thank God I was wrong. Now Axl don’t have any excuses to not release something. I wonder if he will stop tweeting after the Biden inauguration since he won’t have anything to complain about.
  8. Exactly! The “thing” that they were hinting at us won’t see the light of day anytime soon (most likely he WILL win). It’s not easy being a GNR fan.
  9. I know you’re joking but I would definitely vote for Axl if I could I agree. The vote tweet was very sensitive and sincere. And I would love to hear him talking about politics in a video interview.
  10. He did say that. Honestly, how could he? Disappointing attitude for a guy that’s so opinionated. This title is so Axl.
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