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  1. I know a lot of you are guitarists (so am I, for the last 25 years, and mainly because of Slash/Izzy influence) and I know everybody is entitled to an opinion but to me there is no doubt that Izzy is playing rhythm in SOYL...if you compare all the existing versions of SOYL and listen to an isolated left channel of the AFD Boxset SOYL multitracks you clearly hear Izzy's tone, phrasing, style, call it whatever you want...I'm not saying that it's totally impossible to replicate that in the studio, but why bother when everything sounds just like Izzy (royalties come to mind, but, again, why bother
  2. Nah...it's clearly Izzy's parts and tone played the Izzy way, exactly like in other (LLAS) version.
  3. Couldn't have said it better!! In the perfect (obviously not Guns) world that would work like a clockwork...maybe even Matt could have his few moments + Duff (who was still Punk As Fuck then).
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