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  1. 8 minutes ago, WhazUp said:

    This one right?  I remember when the official art was revealed in 2008, thinking how close this one got to it:



    Right that, thought the same about the similarity. Never found the one shown in the concert. Summer Sonic was in three days and there's almost nothing of this first day of the artwork presented.

  2. One thing about 2002, maybe off topic or not too much, any of y aready seen any pic, video of the CD artwork that axl presents to the  audience in Summer Sonic Festival? Is it the same art of the final 2008 CD? GNR On Tour says The artwork is black and white and features a bicycle, with a wall behind it that someone painted with “Guns N’ Roses!!” . Very close to the final one. I Remember of a pic that circulated in the web before the album release, probably fanmade, don't remember.

  3. 1 hour ago, oneway23 said:

    I see your point, but, Buckethead was in the band for at least a year and a half before Uncle Axl let him sit at the big boy table and play on the real album?  Guess I shouldn't be shocked.

    Great point, there's something missing here, Buckethead in this year produced some demos but didn't played in the "real album". Think that Axl having Buckethead in his band will never release this record without him. Maybe his parts was in development until the Rough Mixes we got. Other tapes not included in the reference discs could contain the other Buck's takes.

  4. 4 hours ago, oneway23 said:

    Brain question, and, ain't nobody talkin' bout no Brains in the jungle section that I can see, so, I'm putting it here.

    Dude joins in the Spring of 2000, and Freeze's drums are still all over the tracks on both Rough Mix #1 and CD RM, dated 6/1/01.

    He starts recording drum tracks to replace Josh's parts at The Village around June of 2001.  Why so long?

    While we're at it, Bucket joined in late '99 and none of his magic is on any of the known CD songs that we have on these discs (other than likely Maddy and also Zodiac from RM 6/1/01).

    Sure, he's on a few demos in the second half of 2000, but what were these guys doing for so long?


    This time is coherent if you look to these records as result of a process includin rehearsal, other takes unused or even the adaptation of a new man in the band. It is unlikely that, given all the care taken in producing the CD, a member would come in and the next day record a take.

  5. 36 minutes ago, Creed said:

    I just wanted to say that it even would make more sense to call a song 'Lula' or 'brazil' than adress some song to communistic Poland...

    Poland and a few other eastern block partners were more open than others. Just saying.

    Don't know where y're taking your information, but Lula years has nothing with closed regimes or even communism. Just a left social democracy. Be careful with the propaganda against Lula or the Worker Party (PT) y're reading my friend, most of than can be whrong or faked or manipulated. The mass media in Brazil are one of the most manipulatives. If you wanna talk about a regime in Brazil you should take a look at then right now with the president suckin' Trump's balls.

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  6. 4 minutes ago, GNRmello77 said:

    Can anyone make a list of the songs in the right order maybe? I wanne name everything correctly

    Rough Mixes CD #4

    1. "ME & MY ELVIS" 3/23/00 {#10} 5:40
    2. "CIRCUS MAXIMUS" 11/07/00 {Ver.1} 4:30
    3. "D TUNE" 3/23/00 {11} 5:16
    4. "CURLY SHUFFLE" 3/23/00 {15} 3:43
    5. "NOTHING" 11/08/00 {Ver.1} 3:50
    6. "AS IT BEGAN" 11/07/00 {Ver.1} 3:51
    7. "THYME" 11/08/00 {P.R.L.} 1:55


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  7. 13 minutes ago, BN38416 said:

    When will be release it?

    the last poem says:

    "We're not going away, maybe radio silent a bit.
    But fear not we're sure you'll think Rough mix disc two is a hit.
    Our motivation is simple, we hate those that hoard.
    Interacting with them just makes us bored."

    think there's something about the VMA 02 Rehearsal, i don't care too much to the rehearsal. hope to see the disc#2 soon. anyway, thx to The Chairman.

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