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  1. They DID go for that reason, undoubtedly. But they're clearly done now. Take a look at the sales for the NJ show for example. They need luring back, probably even more than the hardcore do.
  2. Greed. Once you start putting money above all else, you can never have enough of it. No money is ever enough for people who crave it.
  3. I'd pay them very little attention. There's a massive gulf between empty platitudes on social media (and goodness knows how many of them are bots these days!) and actually giving a shit, or putting your hands in your pocket and making an effort to turn up to shows. Oh really? I knew the USA sales were really poor, but surprised Australia is too.....they haven't flogged it to death there have they?
  4. Saw some big fat cretin singing it out of the window of a white van the other day and the sight depressed me so much! I just thought 'ladies and gentlemen, that's the status of my favourite band of all time now- one/two hit kareoke singalongs for thick people'. Then I felt a bit arrogant for judging him......but I'm 99 per cent sure he was actually a moron as he was doing it to try and harass a couple of girls.
  5. As someone who doesn't like social media at all, has no desire to know what celebrities are doing all the time at the time and basically dislikes all that modern day 'got to be seen to be doing certain stuff' bullshit I actually really appreciate the fact they want to lead private lives, want to keep things quiet, don't care for interviews etc. It's pretty refreshing. Problem is though that most others who take that stance let their actions speak for them. When there's no activity whatsoever then people quickly get irritated. There's also a big line between wanting to keep a veil of secr
  6. Hell, I'm bored of HEARING it, and I've heard it a fraction of the times they have! I always skip it now, or if I hear it on something like the radio I'll turn it off!
  7. Well not necessarily- I mean if it was a new setlist, a band full of passion that looked like they really wanted to be there, etc, one 'new' song would be fine. If it's business as they left off though.....then it's not good. But yeah, it would take more than just throwing in Hardschool to the existing set and performance to make me spend a few hundred on a ticket again. Anyway....we'll see on Saturday. I imagine there's quite a few people who will be looking at the show before making their decision whether to buy a ticket. A good night on Saturday would certainly help
  8. I don't really count one 'new' (technically old but you know what I mean) song as 'change' to be honest, if the setlist is the same bar that. I mean, sure, it could get thrown in mid tour or something.....but for me, it's really not enough on it's own to make me think the show isn't 'same old'. Others will disagree of course, but here we go.
  9. Definitely. I think there's still a chance. I'd say this really is it though - if there's no change now, there never will be.
  10. I have to say, I'm sort of looking forward to seeing what they offer up at the end of the week. I think it's really important - like it's the difference between "we're done now" and "we have a future as a band".
  11. My hope too. But I imagine what will probably happen is smaller venues and more expensive tickets, branded in an 'up close and personal' style. I can't see the touring stopping any time soon- they'll just adapt.
  12. Sales ARE majorly decreasing already. Take a look at any of the US shows and the amount of discounted tickets (see the tour thread where people are discussing it).
  13. Well great news as I like Slash's SMKC stuff.....but it's another sign (should anyone have needed one) that there is no new GNR album anywhere near imminent.
  14. Crazy isn't it? Gives an indication into the rate tickets are selling too maybe that nothing flagged up as unusual!
  15. .......just wait to see your kids reactions when you read them the SCOM children's book.
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