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  1. Yeah, HTH or For Those About To Rock are both pretty good. I'm being a bit cynical really saying you only need one studio and one live album! At a bored moment once I did count up how many of their song titles had featured the words "ball/s" or "rock". I can't remember now exactly what it was, but it was very high!
  2. Yeah - I don't think their fanbase really want anything different from them really! They'd probably hate it if they tried anything different! Black In Black ACDC Live They're basically the two albums you need in my view! I have Rock Or Bust too, because it was in the bargain bin, the CD cover was cool, and I was going to the tour. Incredibly they've never released a Greatest Hits!
  3. I'd say they are already Arena level really (taking aside the really strange choice to move back to stadiums after several Arena runs in the US of course). I can certainly see them doing Theatres.....but with incredibly high prices to soften the blow!
  4. Did you think?! I thought it sounded identical to everything they've ever done but a little slower! I suppose that's what AC/DC have always done really though. You buy one album and you've got the general idea!
  5. Glad it came! As mentioned above, my enjoyment of opening it was somewhat curbed by the pictures being the wrong way round! I did imagine how good it would be if it was a new album too actually. Sad stuff!
  6. Yeah, to a greater or lesser degree I'm in that boat really. I'm unemployed at the moment, got to be really careful of money, and a GNR show couldn't be a priority to me. It would take a lot to be able to justify spending that money.....perhaps a new setlist might make it easier to do, but I don't think I could spend the money they're asking to see the same show again (and probably not as good). Perhaps rich casuals with more disposable income would find it easier to do though?
  7. I think you're probably right.....although sales were poor don't forget, especially for the American shows, possibly for Europe too. I can't really see why the Europe leg was cut down so massively if it wasn't for sales. It could go either way really. When prices are as high as they are, people tend to prioritise what they can and can't afford.
  8. The 'inflatable guitar and novelty bandana' casuals can say what they like though really. The only thing that will bring change is if the band stop making money. That could of course happen.
  9. I wonder if maybe they haven't received the stock allocation they thought they were and they're waiting to find out if they can get more? HMV is showing it as sold out, but might be worth keeping an eye on. If you live near a branch they might have some copies in store?
  10. Yeah, that's really shitty. I have to say, I was REALLY impressed by ordering it from HMV in the UK. It arrived on the morning of release, really well protected in great packaging. I'd fully recommend them for the future.
  11. "new album in the next 6 months" is the very definition of "imminent". Not to mention the continual comments ever since CD came out that it's sequel would be with us very shortly. Not sure why Taylor Swift writing recording and releasing a highly successful new album during pandemic is "lol" in your books. Rather abrasive for a new arrival aren't we?
  12. Use Your Imagination A fitting name for an album that exists only in our minds!
  13. That's the old argument - "why bother because no-one will be interested", which is fine if A) you want to only be a nostalgia band and B) you don't spend years and years constantly telling fans a new album is imminent. The reason 99.9999999 per cent of musical acts still "bother" even though they have a classic album in their past that they probably won't live up to is to stay fresh, interesting and because they don't want to be constantly trading on past glories. Even the Rolling Stones, who I clash as the very definition of a band trading on their past, have managed covers albums in re
  14. Sadly, I think it may take the death of the members for us to hear anything. At that point the GNR 'estate' will release anything and everything I would think.
  15. Yeah, I'm with the latter to be honest. I can't think how a band like GNR could be getting together and recording without any leaks or information coming out whatsoever these days. Literally no-one has mentioned or seen them in the same place at the same time......and whenever they meet for rehearsals prior to the next leg of a tour we ALWAYS hear about that, one way or the other. I know people will say about that guitar/amps being at Axl's house.....but that really doesn't suggest anything to me, and could be about anything. There's nothing but non-committal comments about "jamming" or
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