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  1. They're not on tour though? It really is just filler articles to attract people to click. I wouldn't read too much into it. Most music journalists I can imagine wouldn't give a flying fuck if a new GNR album ever appears or not! We definitely over emphasise here in our little bubble how much the music world in general care about GNR. Reality is, most people aren't interested at all! One of the main reasons I come here really is that none of my music loving friends are interested, so I have no outlet to discuss them elsewhere!
  2. Well, the press are keen to have 'news' at least for people to look at.....so "GNR continue to do fuck all" isn't going to generate too much coverage, no matter how accurate it is!
  3. No mention. Just someone saying 'make sure you actually buy it to hear the hidden track 13 that won't be available on streaming'. There's nothing after Metal Chestnut- kept it running. My view is the guy is probably being a dick and talking bullshit for attention.
  4. Just seen someone saying there is a hidden 13th track on the album? I'm assuming that's bullshit? Doesn't seem to be on my copy and it's the first I've heard about it anywhere.
  5. Ah yeah, it's gone now for me too. Perhaps it was cached on my phone or something. Definitely gone now anyway.
  6. I miss the good old days when Fernando was saying "within 6 months" for a new album.
  7. I hope they don't have TOO many good ideas stashed away. I'd rather they used them for their solo stuff so we actually get to hear them!
  8. I think Killing Floor is probably the closest the album comes to a 'single' that could make an impact. Possibly Papa Was A Rollin Stone?
  9. Yeah it's great! Only shame is that people aren't buying tickets to see it (and I have no idea how well the album is selling) which lessens the chances of it being a recurrent thing sadly. But that's not really our concern I suppose - as a fan it's great to have it!
  10. I think it's only one or two. Most people seem to see now the way things are going for GNR. It's pretty obvious what Slash is saying, over and over - he would like to do a new album but it's not his lookout, and there hasn't been much progress. As ever, we'd all be happy to be wrong....but I think we all know Slash is now focussed on his solo stuff as his outlet and his comments, however much people want to scream "IT'S HAPPENING" or whatever, state exactly this. He'll be back in the studio with SMKC making a new album soon, enjoying it and having fun writing and recording. Then GNR will call and he'll tour with them a bit before going back to writing and recording for his own solo stuff. If people want to think anything different is happening, or read more into it, at this stage it's only going to lead to disappointment.
  11. "Working with them in that capacity" is a very odd thing to say. It does sort of feel that he's totally checked out of it creatively. Which isn't a big surprise really. I imagine he's as baffled and frustrated as the rest of us at GNR's inability to even release a NITL live album, let alone anything truly new.
  12. I don't want to get targeted by those nasty other snowflakes that Slash is scared of......
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