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  1. People were saying the same when Living The Dream came out! And they'll be saying the same when the album after this one comes out I imagine.
  2. I've never known a release like this one, in all my years as a music fan. A release so unpopular that they had to break it up and sell it as 'parts', really is something remarkable. It must be regarded as one of the biggest follies in music-release history.
  3. Yeah, you're good if they haven't given you import tax. Sometimes (usually) they do, sometimes they don't. Sounds like you got lucky.
  4. That's very true......also (and I could be remembering this wrong) isn't the 'it's just a gig' quote attributed to Duff rather than Slash?
  5. It's a good point about Rage Against The Machine (and their ludicrous prices - they certainly don't 'rage' against that particular capitalist machine!) but worth remembering that whenever they reunite it is only for a limited time, and they never promise new material. That;s the big one I think - the years and years of hints, allusions and statements regarding new material that never appears.
  6. Well that's not only true in some ways. You've selected a few there that probably didn't sell as expected (and that's probably simply because people didn't like them that much- as you say with ACDCs single being weak) but there are loads that have. How about Taylor Swift who's album sold one and a half million copies in three weeks in the US alone? BTS who have sold an absurd amount of albums worldwide? Eminem, Justin Bieber, The Weeknd, etc have all sold very well. Not that I think for one second that an album was ever going to be released this year of course, as shown by the fact
  7. 'I wouldn't class GNR as an enjoyable rock band.....it wasn't that remarkable to start with' Yet you have 4,600 posts on a GNR forum. I think it might be time to reassess how you spend your time, and look at doing something else.
  8. It's pretty clear though that Slash has very little say in what goes on. If he did, there's no way GNR would be operating as they do, as one look at his solo career suggests. SMKC isn't to your liking, which is totally fair enough, but to say 'who cares' is way off the mark. The albums always sell well. Why would he put his name to stuff he 'shits out' as you say and leave better stuff in the dustbin of history that is any and every idea anyone has come up with for GNR in the past decade or so?
  9. But his ideas for SMKC will definitely get released. If they say an album is coming in 2021, it WILL be released in 2021. I'm not sure I'd put my best work into something I thought had little chance of seeing the light of day. I mean, he might well be, but we'll likely never get the chance to find out.
  10. How about my ruminations on how the band shaved when they were alcoholic drug addicts? That one do anything for you?
  11. Well the first show of the 'new tour' featured the exact same setlist as the 'old tour', which should tell you most of what you need to know. There will always be a reason to be found to 'delay' any new album, just like there is a reason to put off anything in life that you have little intention of doing.
  12. It's fun to post here- I always get some laughs out of the comments and people are pleasant. It gets me through the days really, coming here and discussing my favourite band, and realising I'm not alone out there. I'm sort of accepting of the idea now that we'll never hear anything new. I'm not ok with that- I think it's a shameful waste of talent and opportunity, but I accept that's the way it will be. Nothing but an album actually being releasing will make me think there is any new material- we've had promises and carrot dangling for years and years. For me though it's not about
  13. I'm really really intrigued to see what people say when/if they resume touring and no new material gets released. The lack of touring seems to be the only reason anyone gives for there being nothing new now. At this point even the most wildly optimistic are going to be super pissed off if they tour again and there isn't anything.
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