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  1. There's no To people that go to see GNR they are "the biggest band in the world"? That makes no sense whatsover. How about the people that go and see, say, Alter Bridge? Are they "the biggest band in the world" to them too? Being the "biggest in the world" is not subjective at all. Being someone's "favourite" band is (and GNR are certainly mine) but being the "biggest" really isn't. And there's literally no metric that would suggest they are, hence them releasing two new songs that didn't really chart significantly and not selling out venues. I'm not quite sure why people feel so strongly about GNR being the "biggest band" and why it matters really. It's not the 1990s, and they aren't. That's not a problem or a criticism, just a fact. Things change.
  2. I love the phrase 'all things considered'. I don't thing I've ever heard it used anywhere apart from in GNR interviews! A bit less considering of all things and a little more doing of all things definitely wouldn't go amiss!
  3. Haha - I knew someone would say something like that!
  4. I like the fact they've recorded it as a band live in the room. That usually makes for great albums.
  5. It's been officially released actually in great quality on a CD/DVD set by the Rolling Stones...... https://www.amazon.co.uk/Steel-Wheels-Live-Rolling-Stones/dp/B08DC1ZBQ6
  6. I quite liked Black Hole Sun when they stuck it in at the time, thinking it was a thing they'd do for a few shows as a tribute.......... Definitely one to shelve now.
  7. Hell no. I do want the physical music though and wish they'd put that up for sale rather than more shirts.
  8. Oh we're all 'haters' here! That's why we visit the forum and discuss our favourite band all the time. You must have missed the memo.....
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