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  1. There's also the fact that customers confidence forms part of any attendance at events and promoters know that. They'll want to do all they can to assure customers their events are safe. Anyway, it's absolutely being discussed, so I can see it happening, and I'd welcome it personally.
  2. Oh those crackpots will all just vanish into thin air, when as you say, you have to have proof of vaccination to attend events. Which is in inevitable step down the road I would have thought. It's already being widely talked about, and will definitely form part of the key to getting large gigs going again. The thing is with these conspiracy theory morons- they never really stick to what they think, so they'll be queueing up for the vaccine you can be sure of it. Probably while still spouting off whatever nutjob crap they've read on Facebook today about microchips in vaccines, the earth b
  3. At this point, how he delivers something live is way less important to me that what he can do in a studio. I'd sacrifice never seeing them live again in a heartbeat for new material. If they wanted to release a new album, then tour and play nothing from it, and do all the old songs really really badly, I'd be fine with that. I just wouldn't go.
  4. I'm taking it you're in America, from the words you're using. Trust me, here in the UK no-one is being pessimistic when they say these concerts aren't happening this summer. To be honest, given what I read about Covid in the US it seems pretty put of control there too....but at least you've got a guy in charge now who is actually taking immediate action. Vaccines are only the start of the end of this though don't forget, and as mentioned above, there are so many unknowns. There's a long road ahead.
  5. Yeah, who needs new bands when you've got geriatrics propping up their retirement funds and "starting to sound like shit" hey? Nothing like watching a knackered Huey Lewis from the back of an Arena in 2021 to get the adrenaline pumping. I'm sure the American forum users are absolutely DEVASTATED at the prospect that they may not have anyone to stir up any more fatal attacks on Washington. What a blow to them.
  6. Yeah, I'd say if that's off, there's now zero chance the UK GNR dates are happening. They'll probably do what they did last time and not bother to announce the cancellation until moments before the gigs though, so don't expect anything soon!
  7. Yep, totally. A good day for you guys tomorrow, with some definite progress for the future and a bit of hope. We definitely need a bit of that over here! Still can't see the GNR shows happening though, just to get back on topic! Haha!
  8. Ah ok. That sort of thing is definitely easier for tennis players than it would be for a touring band with all their crew...and if they do have to do it there's no way they could leave the country then come back and do that one Perth show. The guy is at best incompetent, but more likely willfully negligent. Racist, sexist, homophobe liar who shouldn't be leading a dog, let alone a country. As an island, we let people come here throughout lockdowns, on holiday, without even testing! We're in our third national lockdown here, the death rate rises every day, hospitals are full, the economy
  9. That's about it. And clueless DJs just saying whatever as they don't really give too much of a damn and just say whatever!
  10. I heard about that- didn't it cause some public anger? Did they have to quarantine? I look at Australia's handling of the pandemic with envy. They seem to have done it very well- the polar opposite of the truly dismal handling of it in the UK.
  11. I think they could have an issue if they need to quarantine with the 'going put of Australia then coming back in' bit. Be interesting to see what happens for sure.
  12. Interesting to see how the reported news that Australia plans to keep it's borders closed for the rest of 2021, regardless of vaccine rollout, comes into play. Might put the dampeners on the GNR dates there.....
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