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  1. Would it impact on his peace of mind to let us see old live footage?
  2. I get the impression that's a lot of it, alongside the inevitable pressure to tour as it keeps a lot of people in money. One things for sure.....new material certainly isn't a priority!
  3. I see that argument. I suppose from one point of view the tours are easier.....but on the other side of things, they must also take their toll, health wise. It's not like people online are nice about his performances. Presumably he ignores all that, so you'd think it would be easy enough to ignore similar attitudes towards new material. But goodness knows why he never releases anything. It might be nothing to do with his peace of mind.
  4. Not sure how being on a never-ending tour, with constant travelling away from home and differing time zones can be good for your peace of mind and releasing some stuff you have lying on a shelf is bad for it!
  5. You're right- hadn't spotted that! That is cause for optimism. Very cautious optimism mind!
  6. Thanks! I think I read these quotes a little differently though with "working on" not necessarily meaning "recording" in my mind. "Working on" can mean anything I think. But I'm deliberately choosing to see the glass half empty here, so as not to disappoint myself when nothing happens!
  7. Yeah I think so too- everything is speculation. I'm struggling to think of examples where anyone has actually said they are recording with GNR, rather than something evasive like 'jamming' or 'playing with ideas'. I could be wrong here, but I think everything is just people taking something and running with it. I'm not sure what this documentation is. Any examples you can think of?
  8. Do we though? I can't remember any specific quotes about recording. I just don't see anything to suggest they've done more than 'played each other ideas'. I don't remember anyone ever really specifically mentioning recording......
  9. We don't really. We have a bit of speculation and vague comments around 'jamming' but that's it. The only thing we know for sure is that Slash is working on a new SMKC album.
  10. Hey @80309561, rather than randomly sending me abuse to my message box, how about sharing your thoughts on here? I'm sure everyone else would love to hear your thoughts on hoarding too? Again, screw people who try and make themselves money out of hoarding.
  11. Not seen this, but absolutely fuck people making money out of this sort of thing or thinking it makes them 'special' to have it and never let anyone else hear it. Although they all seem to have their price on that front. Another reason for the band to release it officially in my view. Radiohead had the right idea- they got loads of stuff nicked and some clown was trying to sell it, so they just put it all out there themselves and people made charity donations for it.
  12. I thought that was great, with Sorry being the pick of the bunch for me. Great quality video, sound and vision wise and a good performance. Main thoughts - rock music should only EVER be played in the dark. The difference between this and the other more recent Selects is black and white. The tour should have stopped in 2018, and left everyone hungry for more. And I include the band members in that- they look so much more into it here. All in all- enjoyed the hell out of it. Reminded me why they're my favourite band.
  13. Can't watch right now....but what songs did they show? ISE, WTTJ, Sorry and Nightrain? Any others?
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