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  1. Yeah I thought the same. Exactly what I'd expect. Not terrible, but if you showed it to someone who wanted to mock the band they sure would use it as ammunition. Glad it finally got played.
  2. The usual thing is that if you pay by Paypal you get charged right away, credit or debit cards you get charged when it is sent. Can't vouch for that being the case here, but that's how every other pre-order I've done has worked.
  3. No matter how many times shitty clickbait sites or attention seekers online want to say it......there is no EP. There is a 4 track CD single, as was normal for any single release until the internet came along. Sometimes they had 3 tracks on, but usually 4. They were fucking great for fans as they were cheap and usually contained interesting non-album tracks. There's really nothing to shit on either- the CD is well priced, contains two new tracks and two live tracks, and I'm really impressed they've done it. It's a great release. No-one is ripping anyone off and it gives people like myself exactly what they want- a physical release to collect and enjoy playing.
  4. Has Pitman surfaced anywhere and given any views on all this? I'm sure he has some opinions!
  5. I think we had a year off it last year didn't we? Good to get things back on track!
  6. Ooooh the Superbowl speculation! Retro! Missed this one.....been a while.
  7. Really, really want this.....but ordering from the US is a bit of a gamble these days with import charges and unreliable delivery. Assume no-one has seen these available in the UK yet?
  8. It's $6 dollars! Go wild and treat yourself. And if you feel cheated, just rip the four tracks and give someone else the CD.
  9. My first thoughts exactly. Especially as they're not shopping until February 2022. I think this could be the very last non- posthumous release we get from GNR.
  10. Anyone seen the physical copies available in the UK? Only seem to be the US store .....
  11. Yeah found some pics. It was 2018 it was in the setlist..... https://www.reddit.com/r/GunsNRoses/comments/8p7mx8/omg_at_the_bottom_of_their_alt_songs_could_this/?utm_source=amp&utm_medium=&utm_content=post_title&ampcid=1*z0vr0v*cid*eFJfTjNORnNXc3B3QzRYV0ljVWQ3MTJ2RklpNzRGQ00ybDU3WmpvRUdSVkZKSGh3TmlQYXNib0k1OUtHdTFTRg.. I think that was just a rumour wasn't it? I know some people claim to have heard it, but others claimed it wasn't OMG, but something off CD. Not sure it ever got resolved!
  12. It was an 'alt song' on the setlists around 2016/2017. Not got a picture to hand, but I'm sure someone has....
  13. I always assumed that being on NITL setlists was some sort of in-joke...now I think it's a strong possibility that it could feature on any release.
  14. You should definitely mention it more. P.S. Have you got the lottery numbers for next week? Thanks.
  15. Ok not to like it as much as it's ok to like it isn't it? Opinions folks. They are differ, and that's good. You're not a 'negative hater' if you don't like this stuff and you're not an 'blinkered apologist' if you do. People seem to get rather uptight these days around differing opinions!
  16. It's hit critical mass point too- virtually everything that they say has 'FN' in it now. Embarrassing.
  17. Shaun Kevney left a month or so ago! I'd be amazed if it's played on that station. GNR are not the sort of thing they play in the slightest. They don't touch stuff like Iron Maiden, AC/DC, etc, unless it's as a one off novelty on a 'blast from the past thing'. They didn't play any of the new stuff from those sorts of bands - out of their remit I think. I'd guess plays of any new stuff my old rockers is limited to the rock/oldies stations these days. Radio 2 might give it a spin on their rock show but I'd be amazed if it's playlisted anywhere that isn't specialist. Not that it really matters anyway- the fans know where to find it, and GNR in 2021 are pretty unlikely to be winning over new fans I suppose!
  18. I doubt Radio 1 or Radio 6 would touch GNR! The others maybe.....but I can't say I've heard Absurd anywhere other than my house!
  19. Yeah me too. The lack of push is totally strange. You'd think they'd be going all out on this.
  20. You're opening Pandora's Box there with that question.... don't say we didn't warn you!
  21. It is bonkers that they haven't even mentioned the song getting released on their website!
  22. Baffling they would choose not to play Hard Skool but add Coma back instead.....which is hardly the easiest one to sing!
  23. I think you wildly over estimate how much anyone cares about when the vocal was recorded, rather than that they are 'falling for it'.
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