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  1. In the complete absence of anything to talk about, I thought I'd start a thread for something a couple of us were discussing elsewhere - namely the 'Monstrosity' song. From what we know: The 'CD single' was a fake. There are rumours of a genuine track existing called 'Monstrosity'. Evader made a song called 'Monstrosity' by using bits of 'Scraped'. The genuine GNR version (if it exists) has never leaked. Anyone else know anything more about this?
  2. Well they certainly don't turn into discussions about what GNR are doing, because they never do anything!
  3. Poor ticket sales happened well before Covid though. They were on sale a long time before Covid reared it's head.... Sure, the pandemic hasn't helped them pick up, but there are many reasons for the fact a lot of these dates have sold alarmingly few tickets. I'm hopeful that message will be heeded, and changes made, but I fear Covid can be used as convenient excuse as it was for the axing of many of the Europe dates.
  4. Yeah, definitely. I just read up about it all out of my own interest actually. It seems a mad decision to me, and clearly to a lot of others. Seems to be based more around politics than health concerns. It remains insane to me, as a European, that even the wearing of a mask is regarded in some circles as a political act. That's just not the case here. I'd still be very surprised if the US dates happen, regardless of some states making these seemingly headline-grabbing decisions out of the blue.
  5. Wow. Surprised by that! I thought Covid was still running wild over there and the rates were still incredibly high?
  6. Me neither actually. Just found him mentioning it elsewhere online. It could well be Zodiac 13.
  7. Interesting. I did some searching and Evader has spoken about it- how he made it by using bits of 'Scraped' and that it is fake, as is the CD. That doesn't mean to say I suppose that there is a genuine track of that name, just that it has neither leaked or been made into a CD. I wonder if anyone else has any info on this?
  8. Yeah, you'd have to be a very bad promotor to not be building the ticket sell around that fact! I'm sure the 'rumour' will keep coming up before the beginning of every leg, as it has in the past.
  9. It's ok, they're kid friendly these days. Scooby Doo, Looney Tunes and Daddies taking their 'little girl to their first gig', to hear all those family-friendly lyrics! People are pretty selective when it comes to 'cancelling' things it seems. Not sure how GNR have managed it, but they seem to have dodged it all pretty well, so far!
  10. They've used the cross throughout the NITL tour, on both merch and gig adverts. Rest assured, if original members were back, it would be being used as a marketing tool! People never really learn with GNR though- speculation occurs at the slightest opportunity! Now.....when's the next Terminator film?!
  11. I don't think it was- I was under the impression it was something created by Evader, using vocals from another song, cut up and forged together. I think both the song and the single were fakes.
  12. The 'Monstrosity' promo CD single is in there too.....but that was a fake wasn't it? I thought someone just made that up?
  13. That's the final card to play I think. I'd guess It'll happen, but only when things get back to the 'Vegas residency' type level.
  14. Prepare for the worst, hopefully proved wrong. That's pretty much been how I've been living life since this time last year!
  15. That's been said before each and every leg of the tour though. The reality is that it'll just plod on, and fans will just drop off. Venues will get smaller, ticket prices higher, and people will trot out lines such as "we're just so lucky to be able to see them live again, we should be grateful". I really think these November dates will happen, and that what happens when they do will be a clear indication as to the future. If it's the same setlist (even with Hardchool) and a tired and bored looking band, then it's game over creatively and quality wise. It won't be game over commercially
  16. Yeah, I'd agree, They also need to re-find their energy and enthusiasm at this stage, by whatever means necessary. I'd suggest the only way to do that is to seriously shake things up.
  17. Would you pay the high price to see them though based on them just playing Hardschool, assuming the rest of the set is the same?
  18. You'd think the cache of a re-recording would be higher than an old demo though wouldn't you? It would in my world anyway!
  19. Weird. This is what I mean - people think totally different things, and there's no official 'personnel' listing for it. I just can't see a reason for being really clear about it!
  20. Yeah, I think that was it. But then you throw in Frank's 'no comment' too (when he could easily have just said it wasn't him) and you've got more confusion! I always thought it must be an old recording personally, as I can't see any reason for it not to be.
  21. Why were they so evasive about who played on that SOYL? Was there ever a good speculative reason for it? Adler claimed it wasn't him, Frank wouldn't comment, etc etc. Why the need for secrecy on it?
  22. I don't think he can as he doesn't own the recordings. He re-recorded a lot of the tracks for Loaded though.
  23. It's a tricky one Australia- it's fairly isolated in terms of touring. Going there it's difficult to tie in other dates in different locations without incurring significant expense, which means it often, sadly, means it isn't financial viable. Or not deemed profitable enough. Basically....it comes down to money and logistics.
  24. Yeah that covers all bases, as well as what I posted above. Every single aspect of this line of conversation around 'they don't need to release new material' has been debated and debated. My previous post was meant to be a bit sarcastic really, along the lines of 'here's the way the conversation will go, the things that will be said and how it will eventually wind-down' rather than my own thoughts. I think most people are probably pretty weary of trying to find reasons for why GNR never release music now.
  25. That's been discussed often on here. The most common reason is that any and every other band do it. Then someone mentions a band that doesn't. Then someone mentions they actually do really. Then the conversation goes along the route of 'making new music is what a band does'. There might be a rabbit hole of discussion about the amount of money bands do actually make from new material too, and how it gives them a boost in terms of attention anyway which helps them sell more tickets. It'll probably go on for about five pages, then people will come to a general shared opinion that it's
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