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  1. Maybe Axl was worried Finck would bail again? At least they could carry on with a third guitarist
  2. Bbf was never a yes man, where I would say Fortus is, never bothered me til this
  3. What a dick thing for Fortus to say now, has put me right off him. Bumble really did have a tough time, but stuck with it and has to be the best member for treating the fans well, also he was the only one who had the balls to come out and play at Download 2006 when the band went off, didn't see Fortus anywhere....
  4. I'll have to watch that Twat, cos everyone I've seen he's murdered
  5. You know what, I like her, she brings great backing vocals, energy, doesn't seem to have any bs with her and seems to love what she's doing which some other members lack. As far as to what she's doing up there, I'm sure it wouldn't be popular if she just stood there between doing vocals or keyboard buckethead style.
  6. I would say so. I don't think he had a chance of getting back in if that's how he's behaved in previous bands, maybe he would have changed? His behaviour seemed a bit extreme
  7. After reading through all this I can clearly see why he isn't the drummer for the tour - they made the right decision. For all the faults of slash and duff I think they've grown up
  8. I liked the solos he did for November Rain at the first rock in Rio
  9. Give me Finck then over slash now any day Thought his rhythm playing was the best of anyone that was ever in the band
  10. I've been a fan since afd first came out, followed every story, but don't recall anything about the shadow company! Great story.! If Matt was in the band now imagine what he could teach Melissa! I believe the Stephanie story, she just seemed needy for attention, could have all been to wind up axl or play with him
  11. Who would do backing vocals? They've always had someone, don't think duff is up to it
  12. They would be a bit lost without her backing vocals after Stinson and Bumble going
  13. Yeah, her backing vocals are good, hate duffs, bumblefoot, gilby and Izzy also good. Like her on Madagascar
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