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  1. Got my refund this morning for the cancelled Atlanta show. It was thru the venue though, so probably was faster since not thru Ticketmaster.
  2. Looks like E Rutherford, NJ and Toronto are rescheduled for late July and early August 2021
  3. Just got an email from the venue, Atlanta show is canceled due to scheduling conflicts and I will automatically receive a refund in 5 to 7 days
  4. They are rescheduling US dates and will release new dates for 2021 shows next Monday, the 27th. I have tickets to Atlanta and got an email about them yesterday.
  5. Add Fargo, ND and Tampa to the list of postponed shows
  6. Not all are officially postponed yet. Toronto also is showing as postponed now on TM website
  7. These shows also are postponed. NJ, Washington, DC, Detroit, Minneapolis, and Missoula postponed
  8. Well the August Atlanta show is officially postponed, just got this email from the venue.
  9. Just got an email from the stadium here, this date has been officially postponed.
  10. Georgia is reopening but our shelter in place order doesn't actually end until the 30th. Lots of restaurants refused to reopen yet though
  11. https://heavy.com/entertainment/2020/04/jimmy-webb-death/?fbclid=IwAR1lWJxqwBwT8QAXgkwjv-6WwQe2ldkzKAQwz5flWqiPqFNlVXIfX6lXm7U He was only 62
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