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  1. Thanks. Mine is 7 of 300. Will email you.
  2. Odd request, but having trouble finding anyone selling this online right now. I own this litho, but my apartment got flooded Monday night and mine is now water damaged. I need to find a current replacement price on it for my insurance company. Does anyone know of where I might find that?
  3. This festival has been rescheduled for September, no new dates announced yet by GNR
  4. Still looking for more people to play Among Us and other online games. Please pm me for an invite.
  5. US rescheduled dates are on the official GNR site under the news section not the tour section
  6. Had some good games last night, Fransad even joined in. The more people playing, the more fun it is. If you would like to join us, send me a PM.
  7. You should join in, we just played an 8 player game, was a lot of fun.
  8. Yeah he thought he was living on the spaceship for free
  9. Like to Play Among Us? Why not play with other GNR fans? We play daily and are looking for more fans to join us in the fun. Must be 18 years old or older to join. We play online and use our discord server to voice chat during the game. Please send me a PM if you would like to join our discord server and participate.
  10. Got my refund this morning for the cancelled Atlanta show. It was thru the venue though, so probably was faster since not thru Ticketmaster.
  11. Looks like E Rutherford, NJ and Toronto are rescheduled for late July and early August 2021
  12. Just got an email from the venue, Atlanta show is canceled due to scheduling conflicts and I will automatically receive a refund in 5 to 7 days
  13. They are rescheduling US dates and will release new dates for 2021 shows next Monday, the 27th. I have tickets to Atlanta and got an email about them yesterday.
  14. Not all are officially postponed yet. Toronto also is showing as postponed now on TM website
  15. These shows also are postponed. NJ, Washington, DC, Detroit, Minneapolis, and Missoula postponed
  16. Well the August Atlanta show is officially postponed, just got this email from the venue.
  17. Just got an email from the stadium here, this date has been officially postponed.
  18. Georgia is reopening but our shelter in place order doesn't actually end until the 30th. Lots of restaurants refused to reopen yet though
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