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  1. https://www.facebook.com/dorihanjurado/videos/925562041639668/
  2. https://www.facebook.com/dorihanjurado/videos/573378264112366/ He said service keeps going out there
  3. https://www.facebook.com/anna.luna1005/videos/822516995085855/
  4. https://www.facebook.com/jamieleelee.pooley/videos/183577930558747/
  5. https://www.facebook.com/anna.luna1005/videos/822516995085855/
  6. Del posted a pic like the show started, cannot find a stream though
  7. Keith Roth on Sirius XM Hair Nation just said GNR will be releasing their next single, Hard Skool soon. 🙂
  8. I love You're Crazy, but i actually like The Seeker too
  9. Where did this Axl come from? Glad he is out of hiding😊
  10. Someone let the real Axl out of captivity 🤣🤣
  11. https://www.facebook.com/allen.fernandez.376695/videos/1165357267201158/
  12. https://www.facebook.com/BI2GsSEtripleXY/videos/821115915245840/
  13. https://www.facebook.com/mo.vala.796/videos/899783770662640/
  14. MsMetal is also livestreaming on Instagram https://instagram.com/ms_metal?utm_medium=copy_link
  15. It's 8:44 on the east coast night, so they should go on in about 15 minutes if like last night
  16. Not finding any at all, a couple popped up but were gone just as fast
  17. https://www.facebook.com/levi.bishop.96558/videos/324420592807295/
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