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  1. They probably need to streamline the show to 2 hours and just focus on nailing the hits rather than playing all the deep cuts and crucially the covers which no one wants to hear. No one is going to a GNR show to hear Wichita Lineman or Black Hole Sun. The 3 hour shows were fucking great when they first reunited but that time has now passed and it’s time to focus on putting on a great show rather than a long show
  2. A series of albums rather than just one and released much earlier would have given the nu-GnR era much more credibility, but unless the material was absolutely mind blowing it would have always been considered secondary to the classic era, for obvious reasons.
  3. Would be great if they released something, anything, even an unfinished demo of one song. With most of the world in bored and depressed in lockdown it would be a great way to repay fans and would get a lot of people talking about the band. We all know there’s a hell of a lot of stuff locked away which would be ready to go
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