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  1. I manged to avoid the leak and only knew the song from listening to Aein's cover on youtube...which will now become a distant memory. I absolutely love this. It rocks, it's got an irresistible chorus, loads of guitars, and an intriguingly mellow middle eight/breakdown. I don't really care how we got to this point: we're here. And that's all that matters.
  2. I think it should've been been two slightly shorter albums. There are a few songs which come up again and again for being weaker - My World, Shotgun Blues, Get In The Ring (sounds silly now but was fun when I was a kid!) - but you're still left with two long albums...
  3. Yeah, I pretty much agree. Although I think you can make a single Illusion album - I posted my track-listing on another thread - the reality is that it was just never going to happen: there are too many great and very long songs for that to happen.
  4. Yes, II by a short distance thanks to Civil War, Breakdown, Pretty Tied Up, Locomotive and, of course, Estranged.
  5. I was about 11, I knew Appetite inside out and bought the YCBM single on cassette - I wonder if that's still in my parents loft somewhere? I definitely didn't get the albums when they came out - not sure why, but I probably didn't have any money. When I finally got hold of the Illusions, I absolutely loved them - though it took a long time to fully get to grips with it all. They were the biggest band in the world and were always in the papers (in the UK) - though usually for nefarious reasons. I can remember everyone at school talking about the Freddie Mercury tribute concert appearance the following day. I think that was the absolute peak of their popularity. The older me can now appreciate some of the flaws of the albums, though I still enjoy them a great deal. And, although I can make it a single album, I have no idea how the band would've managed it without blowing up before they even came out. For what it's worth, my Ultimate Illusion tracklisting is as follows: 1) Civil War2) Dust 'n' Bones3) Bad Obsession4) Perfect Crime5) You Ain't The First6) Breakdown7) November Rain8) Yesterdays9) The Garden10) Pretty Tied Up11) Locomotive12) Estranged First half includes more of the Izzy/rock'n'roll stuff, second half more of the ambitious Axl/Slash stuff. And no covers! You're Guns n' Roses for crying out loud!
  6. I'd be happy with an album of songs that sounded like Wichita Lineman...
  7. Obviously we don't know the issue regarding the delay, but if Axl struggling to sing Hard Skool is a genuine reason, are there not some easier new songs on the slate? I'm not really an expert the leaks - for a number of reasons - but aren't Going Down, Perhaps and Atlas Shrugged a bit less scream-oriented?
  8. Bigger lies...and more of them! I think I'm in the right place!
  9. I've always wanted a more laid-back, acoustic, country-tinged album from GnR. I loved Patience when Don Henley played drums on it - can't remember when that was - showed that they could be The Eagles if they really wanted to be. As it is, I'm just grateful for anything being released right now! Really like Witchita - great song.
  10. I think it's pretty good! It's a bit of an oddity, but I think that's what I like about it. Keen to hear some more!
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