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  1. Just watched the video for the 3rd time, and 2 things stand out; I agree 100% - I think the guitars are much heavier in this video compared to the release; and there are WAY more photos of Wolfie than there are of Frank in the video...
  2. There may be some sort of live release eventually, but there will never be a "new" GN'R album, with original material created by the current line-up- I dont understand why that is so hard for some of you to understand. Slash just confirmed it. Its over. Move on....
  3. I had an extra like, so i gave you one of mine
  4. I've have every incarnation of this song, from the original 14 second Jackie Chan clip to the official release, and i think this version absolutely rocks. If this ends up being the last new music we get from them, not a bad way to go out.
  5. So no Fortus at all? Seems weird. And I think the verses could have used an extra guitar track...
  6. Hard to believe that, after all these years, Checkmate has officially come to life. Although I've had the leak for years, I still considered a proper, studio release of this song as the Holy Grail of GN'R stuff. Amazing day indeed.
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