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  1. I always expected to see a VH tour, show or single with the original 4 at some stage, but obviously isn't going to happen now. Just read they were planning on in last year, but unfortunately EVH's health meant it was too late. I also expected to see the same with GNR at some stage, so if anything the main GNR related thing it made me think is something, anything with the original 5 before it is too late.
  2. I've got part of Perfect Crime (and I think Brownstone) from the UCLA gig with Chilli Peppers. Can't remember how I got them though.
  3. How about instead of going bigger and for more, go the other way and release something smaller....like make 1 really good CD out of UYI ? I’m sure no one has thought of that before. Seriously though, I’m not really a UYI fan, in fact there are aspects I really dislike, so mine will come from left field. To me it was a bad time for the band, most of the material was written with Adler, pre Dizzy/Matt and then when it was recorded it seemed quite dysfunctional with obviously Adler missing aside from Civil War, Izzy missing at times and as a result Slash’s influence growing on the guitar si
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