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  1. This is the right. Here’s another little known example and something that would have been cool for the box set. I’ve got a video interview with Adler that has never made it onto YouTube or anywhere else on the net that I know of. It’s from ‘89 I think - when he was at that baseball match the rockers did. The interviewer is a German lady so I’m guessing it was for German MTV. Anyways he tells her that the night before the band were all out the Rainbow recording themselves sitting around talking about the old days and it was going to be released as the b-side of the upcoming Nightrain
  2. Jeff Boerio.....that is the first one I remember popping up it was certainly pre-Slash leaving and there was some Axl fax or something early on that I remember being talked about on there... I think I've mentioned a few times on here, the debates today are the same as the debates then, it's just about 5 generations of posters on. I remember having Adler V Sorum debates back then now its Adler v Frank (well actually there aren't many Frank boosters around). And as far as new music goes.....well that one even went back to the magazines in '89. But in terms of internet fans, I've s
  3. Ahhh it was a joke (ie me 'just having some fun'). Or maybe I do genuinely believe that someone's kid is managing GNR (the contract is signed in red crayon) and that Axl voted in a fan poll flagging his next move (it's edgy to announce your news that way) ? The truth will only be revealed next poll.....
  4. Hilarious. Doesn’t one of TB have a kid ? It’s almost like they (ie the kid) are running the show now - “Loony Tunes and bed time stories was all the rage last year, but everyone has moved on. Scooby Doo is so hot right now amongst my peers, that’s where I think we should focus - it’ll be a huge career move” When I started the below thread, I threw the cartoon bit in as a joke. I assumed the one person who voted for it was joking - in hindsight it was probably Axl being serious. I never though for a second it would be the next move :
  5. I think 2 more was right - 02/03 for the Jubilee and then again 07/08. They never came to Oz again so unfortunately I didn't get to see them on those runs. There is footage of one of the Brixton shows and it was really awesome, I know you're not into nostalgia but I think you'll like it as they are still on fire :
  6. And you know what really weirds me out.... when I saw the Pistols in ‘96 I think it was it seemed like this really old band coming back - 19 years after their debut/prime. The GNR equivalent would have been them doing an AFD reunion in 2006 !! Like you say it’s now 34 years past debut/prime for GNR and I’m still holding out hope that one day the reunion might happen - but because I’ve seen GNR unfold since the start (I wasn’t born when the Pistols exploded), it doesn’t feel like an ancient band to me...but when I stop and think like this I realise yeah actually it is ancient and it’
  7. I agree. Once a show, any show, gets above 2 hours I'm losing interest even it was Zeppelin who have a much bigger catalogue than GNR. GNR with a set padded out with covers and solos would kill me. My favourite era of GNR was actually when they were opening and they used to come out and put on this ridiculously intense set. When they started to headline it was good at first but then slowly got more bloated and boring IMO. One of the best shows I've ever seen was the Sex Pistols on their reunion tour when they came out and just hammered it relentlessly for 60 mins and left. I do
  8. And just to be pedantic - even though it’s not why you are after - there is also photos of Slash around wearing a Monsters of Rock shirt from one of the years Anthrax played which obviously features Anthrax on the front.
  9. In one of those GNR podcasts Charlie Benante said the first time he saw GNR was the ‘88 Ritz show and Slash was wearing an Anthrax shirt backstage. That is somewhat consistent with the above - he could have easily changed shirts before or after the actual show. I seem to remember and interview with someone in Anthrax, which I thought was Scott Ian where they said the first time they saw GNR was L’Armour and Slash was wearing the shirt then. So I must be remembering that wrong. Slash was pretty calculating back then so I’d be surprised if it wasn’t in NY somewhere.
  10. Pretty sure it was the L’Armour, Brooklyn show in ‘87
  11. Yes that is why I say the statement is only half true. If they had of formally challenged it the next day they probably would have got it overturned. If they waited 3 years of whatever they waited it wouldn’t have got overturned for duress. So for Axl to say the story is BS as it would have got overturned on grounds of duress - I don’t think holds up / proves anything. (There were some aspects Adler signed away that he couldn’t get back eg rights to the name, supposedly as his lawyer didn’t file on this claim and by the time they realised the oversite it was too late - and he obviously wo
  12. From personal experience that statement is only half true - well at least in Oz so may be different in the US. When i was young and naïve I was forced to sign a contract in a similar kind of situation - certainly a difficult position in that I was told I needed to sign it or affected my job. Fast forward about 2 years and when it came to the crunch and I was briefing the lawyer, I was told failure to act for two years basically meant I had tacitly accepted the contract - so I could fight it on the duress point but my chances weren’t good. Basically the advice amounted to if you
  13. Well I said upfront that I was fortunate that I had the ability to be able to travel, but i think that is far from the whole story. (And by the way we rent our place in the UK !!). Also so many of my best memories this year in the UK were all the walking we did - both in beautiful parks and in the countryside, especially in autumn - all of which is free. Got fit and had a great time. All i was trying to get at was the headlines paint a certain picture about Oz, which isn’t really the case. You might not enjoy it as much as you think if you were there. This article gives a go
  14. I know the first bit - which is why we got out as soon as school finished in Dec, I really wanted to be there for the northern hemisphere Christmas but risk of lockdown and then not being able to get out was too much so we left and glad we did. Where we live in UK cases were low and I honestly felt safe the whole time. Maybe I’m insane because I’m not going back to Oz for at least 6 months and as soon as schools reopen in UK we’re going back to our home there...
  15. Well I don’t want to go into it too much as I know it’s an emotional topic for many, but what you quote is the headlines. I’ve spent the last 8 months now travelling to all sorts of amazing places with my family - and I’ve travelled a lot over the last 20 years but this year has been one of the best. Spent 4 of those months in the UK and it was great. As mentioned I’m fortunate that I can do it as I know most don’t have this luxury. My brother in law back home in Australia spent over 90 days locked down in his home with he and his wife trying to homeschool their 4 kids. They managed
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