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  1. Just to put something in perspective......Jimi Hendrix has managed 3 albums of new studio material in the last 11 years, that all charted Top 10 in the US, ...and he died 50 years ago.
  2. IMO This whole debate really hinges on whether a band is a name or a concept. There is no right or wrong answer IMO and it may differ from band to band what it really is. Ie if you think of GNR as just a brand name then those guys weren’t original as technically there was a band that existed before with different members with that name if like me GNR is more a concept, then they are original as the concept started in June ‘85 and ended in April 90. Other entities have existed with that name but weren’t the same.From that perspective they were original in what I define GNR as.
  3. It comes across like he thought the person was asking about pre-recorded backing tapes. And he’s responding “no we haven’t recorded new backing tapes - when we play it’s all live” !
  4. Well the way I designed the above was that not even 3 members have control. Essentially 4 to approve a move and any 2 can veto. That way the outcome isn't dependent on any single member (who may or may not have some mental health or control issues going on) or even 3 members, who say were money hungry for instance. Think of it as a power sharing agreement where musical integrity and credibility are the main determinant in any steps forward. ETA just on the Adler point, in the last 30 years, despite a debilitating drug addiction for much of the time and the added burden of being cut
  5. I love MC94 as well. I saw Crabby perform the whole album a couple of years back ! Even though it went Top 5 and some fans like myself absolutely love it, I can say objectively that it would be considered an underwhelming release (ie akin to CD.) For me to try and maintain anything different just because I like it so much would be delusional. Anyway, I'm going to crank it up right now !!
  6. I actually provided a lot of factual evidence to support my position - most of what I have got back in return is opinions. I'll summarise again briefly, Out of a 40 year career : * Axl had a number of bands prior to GNR that got at best to demo stage but then went nowhere. Those bands included other members who were able to establish new platinum selling bands. * Axl then had a brief 5 year period when he was with 4 other people in Slash, Steve, Izzy, Duff wrote and recorded 3 albums + 2 EP's (well Steve missed the recording of UYI, but was there for most of the writing). During
  7. That kind of puts in in perspective - 1 album between ages 30 & 60 and counting...... nothing can undo that now. If he is the musical genius some people suggest, that is failure of the most epic proportions.
  8. I accept I phrased that part badly - I more meant he isn't this musical genius, prolific talent that people seem to have him up on a pedestal over and then have to turn themselves in knots trying to explain why he can't output anything of note and is now basically reduced to appearing in cartoons - and hence their constant disappointment. Accept he is not that and everything makes sense and the disappointment goes away. My point is the only time he has delivered anything worthwhile was in a 5 year period with Slash, Steve, Izzy and Duff around. They bought out the best in him and in each
  9. Ok so prior to being around Slash, Duff, Izzy, Steve - he had what 2 bands that got to demo stage but didn't go any further ? He was in a band with Tracii guns, who left and managed to start over and get a band signed and gold/platinum records - but that didn't go anywhere with Axl. Finally he gets to Slash, Duff, Izzy, Steve and has 5 or so years of quality output - they become the biggest band in the world. The 'band' leave one by one., and all start from scratch and put out a number great albums. Axl meanwhile not only owns the name, but has the record contract an
  10. I totally agree that for a few years there (when he had the others around him) he was great. What I'm getting at is there is this perception that he is some sort of incredible talent and to keep this perpetuated people come up with ever more complicated and convoluted narratives to try and explain what he has basically managed to do jack shit in the last 30 years. Basically thinking there is some twisted, genius master plan and this next epic is just around the corner. Occam's razor would suggest a far more simpler explanation is the correct one. That simpler one is that he just isn'
  11. I'm surprised people are still surprised nothing is going on. How about look at GN'R through this lens : Axl really isn't very talented at all. He pretty much 100% relied upon the 4 other people in the band to establish his career. He knew without them he'd fade into obscurity. Hence his only option was to get control of the name - that would guarantee him status and income, even without doing anything else of note. He knew this was his only chance so took it. Add in a dose of mental health issues and everything since '91 makes sense and why nothing now should be a surprise.
  12. I'd change the ownership of the "GNR" name to being : 20% Izzy, Adler, Slash, Duff, Axl each and need 61% to make decisions. You've got to get control away from crazy/anything for a $. You'd see interesting things start to happen with the band then.
  13. It’s definitely an age thing, it goes faster as you get older. The weird thing is the quasi reunion is now longer than the original band. I only became aware of the original band in late ‘87 so really lived it for a bit over 2 years, but as a kid it seemed like the original band was around for an eternity.
  14. I don’t know if it is TB or Axl or who that calls the shots on this debacle, but they are clearly lacking in IQ. Imagine putting so much more effort into ensuring your fans can’t see/hear stuff than to actually releasing stuff. As has been alluded to if they put half as much effort into finding gems for the Boxset that they put into finding gems to remove from YouTube it could have been something really cool instead of the embarrassing exercise in useless merch and rehashing common tunes that it was.
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