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  1. That would be epic - how did the quality hold up ? I had got my hands on some old Rose Tattoo audio tapes that were a similar story and did a bit of research and ended up taking them to professionals to transfer over - they did a few things like baking the tapes to ensure they got them in the best condition before transferring them. I assume there is similar best practice for VHS, but I'd defintiely recommend looking around for the most professional outfit given how rare what you have in your hands is. This is the first time I've ever heard of any footage from the Hammersmith Odeon show and that was one of GN'Rs best based on the audio and reports at the time. - would be great to see a bit.
  2. Nice work.... I think you can have a fair guess at the Appetite tunes with outside writers since we know that the GNR members started out with equal share and then Steven gave part of his share to Axl, so whatever Axl goes up by, Steven comes down by. You can always work out Slash/Duff & you know Steven + Izzy + outside, so you can figure Axls out. Whatever Axl is over the Slash/Duff/Izzy, Steven is below and the rest is to the outside writer. Hence : It's So Easy : Axl 18, Slash/Duff/Izzy 14 , Steve 10, West 30 Chris Weber Tunes : Axl 22.5, Slash/Duff/Izzy 18, Steve 13.5, Weber 10 The work out nice and round for the outside writer, so a good chance it is correct I would say. The new L&L tunes were a bit harder. The best guess I had there was the Slash/Duff/Izzy stay the same (ie 20) and Axl/Steve change, which comes out as : Axl 22.52, Slash/Duff/Izzy 20, Steve 17.48. These don't look as convincing as the prior ones though, so not a high degree of confidence this is right.
  3. I was one of those that didn't grasp it.....for me GNR as a band finished in 1990 !
  4. I'd say this is the most on point post I've seen so far here - yes the 'official' releases ie selects are atrocious they aren't doing the band any favours. 'Axl is the boss' is the key point. I don't know why everyone is blaming TB - but perhaps I'm missing something ? Even if it was TB screwing up at some point it's the boss's issue to sort out or if not it is then them that are fucking up. This is the way Axl has always been right back to one of the first printed interviews in 86 - was it Music Connection or something where he didn't like what he thought they would write so threw a fit. This pattern has been repeated ever since. The whole reason he wanted the GNR name is for control & $. The only people around him including TB are yes men. Anyone with any integrity wouldn't hang around in that environment so all you have left are the hangers on who will never rock the boat. The one thing that has come out is how Slash came back to the fold - it wasn't TB pushing that angle, they were towing the Slash is cancer line until the day Axl told them to pick up the phone and they flipped. They aren't making decisions they are just doing what Axl wants - and all this stuff ultimately is coming from Axl. Slash and Duff have some pull for one reason only - because they still have veto rights over some uses of the name.
  5. An EP with the original 5 would be cool.. I think the AFD5 would bump sales, but even if it didn't at least the band would sound a heap better. Not being too familiar with the recent era I was surprised how sterile and uninspired it sounded - did Fortus used to be a session player by any chance ?
  6. That would be the only thing to make me care....
  7. Axl might be a bit delusional with a warped sense of reality - but I think he is generally pretty honest. And if I recall properly I think he said in an interview that it was the back injury that prevented Steven playing originally - hence I don't think it is any more complicated than that. I think the tour started with Frank and they won't change anything until either Frank pisses someone off of ticket sales dry to the point they need the full reunion. I certainly agree its ridiculous to have Adler there who can play the tunes much better than anyone else and only have him play on 1 song - but like I said upfront Axl comes across as warped but honest. And its the warped thinking that leads to the situation not a hidden agenda I think.
  8. I made the mistake of listening to YCBM - noting I've barely listened to anything in NITL other than the Adler appearances before. I've got to say the criticisms are fair - you can't even tell its Axl singing - it just sounds like air escaping out of a hole most of the time and him struggling to keep up. And the drumming is shocking - no feeling there at all. My favourite part of the song is the last part, breaking down my back etc, and that section is disgraceful. Adler's band at M3 did it infinitely better.
  9. Starting with the Black album, Metallica has had 6 straight number 1 albums of original studio material in the US. All those albums were Number 1 in the majority of countries wikipedia shows. If you take the comparable releases in that time frame : 1991 - Black album outsells UYI more than 2:1 ; 2008 - Death Magnetic outsells ChiDem 2:1. I think it is hard to mount the argument that GNR achieved more cross over than Metallica - I can't see how you can sell that many albums and achieve so much ongoing success without that cross over - the only thing that puts GNR close to Metallica is Appetite, take that away and they aren't in the same league.
  10. Lies basically got recorded twice, although originally it was intended for b-sides. I’m pretty sure that session he is referring to is the first one with Patience, the You’re Crazy version that ended up on the Jungle single, Cornchucker and the different versions of Used To Love Her and One In a Million that are floating around. All of which got out there when Alan Niven sold off some stuff. From this first session only the version of Patience ended up on Lies. This topic came up once before and subsequent to that from what I understand the Locked & Loaded had the dates where some of the Lies sessions were held, showing Patience being recorded before the others.
  11. Just to put something in perspective......Jimi Hendrix has managed 3 albums of new studio material in the last 11 years, that all charted Top 10 in the US, ...and he died 50 years ago.
  12. IMO This whole debate really hinges on whether a band is a name or a concept. There is no right or wrong answer IMO and it may differ from band to band what it really is. Ie if you think of GNR as just a brand name then those guys weren’t original as technically there was a band that existed before with different members with that name if like me GNR is more a concept, then they are original as the concept started in June ‘85 and ended in April 90. Other entities have existed with that name but weren’t the same.From that perspective they were original in what I define GNR as. Similarly if those 5 played under a different name I’d still consider it GNR. a rose by any other name...does the label matter ?
  13. It comes across like he thought the person was asking about pre-recorded backing tapes. And he’s responding “no we haven’t recorded new backing tapes - when we play it’s all live” !
  14. Well the way I designed the above was that not even 3 members have control. Essentially 4 to approve a move and any 2 can veto. That way the outcome isn't dependent on any single member (who may or may not have some mental health or control issues going on) or even 3 members, who say were money hungry for instance. Think of it as a power sharing agreement where musical integrity and credibility are the main determinant in any steps forward. ETA just on the Adler point, in the last 30 years, despite a debilitating drug addiction for much of the time and the added burden of being cut from the biggest band in the world at their peak - Adler has released 1 album, 4 EP's, another EPs worth of material across the Vain albums and guest appearances with Slash and Izzy - all of which was pretty great. So yeah if it came down to a choice of Adler being in control for the last 30 years vs what has happened, I know which way I'd jump !!
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