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  1. Meh. If they can't pass legislature, they could easily start up a charity/non profit and eventually get most of those 200,000 ID's out to people. There is little to no reason for an adult not to have an ID living in the U.S., in the year 2021. You want to talk about being disenfranchised? I'm not sure I would feel like I "belonged" either if I never had an official state ID. Official state ID's are empowering, especially to those that never had one, imo So how about we start with making sure every single citizen has an official ID?
  2. What I never understood is "why" do 200,000 people in the state of Georgia not have official state (or Federal) ID's? Every state I've ever lived in mandates having an official ID on your person (State or Federal) whenever you're out in public. And if the Democratic party is concerned that 200,000 people don't have official ID's, why not pass legislature making the ID's free of charge and easier to obtain for these 200,000 people? Wouldn't that make more sense and benefit the constituents more (in their daily lives as well) vs "not needing an ID once every two years to vote"?
  3. Sorry to hear about the news. May she rest easy.
  4. If anyone that lives in the Gaza strip would trade 1 week to live in a German concentration camp during the WWII era, for a million dollars, they should have their heads examined.
  5. Do the U.S. and Israel put ethnic/religious minorities in modern day concentration camps. (By the millions)?
  6. Pretty sure that it's a reference to the conspiracy theory by certain far-right extremists that think the virus would "magically disappear" soon after Biden was elected. Basically, the virus was a conspiracy to hurt the economy and Trump's re-election chances. And apparently it wasn't enough since it took "massive voter fraud" in order for Biden to win. Smh.
  7. Actually, new infection rates were at their all-time peak around inauguration day. The lower rate of new infections is directly correlated to the amount of people vaccinated; combined with the amount of people "already infected". The lower rate of infections is showing that "herd immunity" is working.
  8. Yep. Also, keep in mind that all crypto could eventually "crash" if the leading nations of the world consider it a "threat". For example, if a country like China considers it a threat, they could make it completely illegal and just mine it themselves, control it, etc. If more democratic countries like the U.S. and its allies consider it a threat (because of black market deals, trafficking, etc) they could severely restrict it and buy up most of the supply, etc.
  9. I've been analyzing the new infection statistics and if the U.S. (and rest of the world, to an extent) continues at this pace, we should see drastic reductions in new infection rates by the end of March and by the end of April, new infection rates should be down to levels not seen since the beginning of 2020. The U.S. is already down over 60% in new infection rates since its peak in mid January. 60 million people have been vaccinated plus another 28 million or so infected. That's close to 100 million people that have (at least) some form of resistance to the virus; meaning that true her
  10. https://www.snopes.com/fact-check/pizzagate-conspiracy/
  11. VGZ (Vista Gold) is a gold and mineral mining company. They own a mountain in Australia and have determined it contains thousands of tons of gold and other minerals. The company has no debt and last quarter they turned a profit, which is impressive for a company that trades around $1. I think this one could do well, especially if they post a good earnings report in a few weeks.
  12. Just have fun with it. Don't fall into the trap of thinking it will go to $1 or even 20 cents. It's fun to watch it perform but the reality is that it's 100% based on the confidence of it's investors..which means it could crash overnight. My advice is that if you end up making a profit on it, pull out what you originally invested out of pocket and keep the profit in and have fun with it. (Unless you're fine with losing everything you invested, then just keep it all in...just remember that this is likely among the most volatile investments in existence....so it will likely move around alot
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