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  1. We recycle plastic bottles in the U.S.A. (Most areas that I've lived in, anyway).
  2. Did you find most of it was specific ideology? Or was it more a vote "against the fringe left"? Or due to misinformation? A combination?
  3. Have you ever tried to ask them "why" they feel that way about Trump? But with sincerity? And just listed to what they had to say. And instead of interrupting them with debate, continued to ask other questions? Just to gauge where they are at?
  4. Went against Trump admin in Apple case: https://thehill.com/regulation/court-battles/443479-kavanaugh-breaks-with-conservative-trump-court-in-apple-decision On tax returns: https://www.businessinsider.com/kavanaugh-gorsuch-rule-against-trump-in-supreme-court-tax-case-2020-7 And according to this, Kavanaugh seems to be voting in the "middle" on the majority of his decisions...closest to Roberts... Kavanaugh’s first term on the court presents a more complicated picture of the kind of justice Kavanaugh may become. From one perspective, he is developing a new
  5. Yeah but we can't really go by what the fringe left or the fringe right say/believe in, right? Who would you consider the radical right? And would you listen to what he/her said?
  6. Idk if anyone around here as asked you this but if you had a choice, would you prefer a different Republican candidate other than Trump?
  7. Idk...maybe not the biggest thing to worry about, imo. Even Kavanaugh (who was appointed by Trump) voted against the Trump admin, on recent issues, no? If a SCJ does his/her job correctly, politics shouldn't be the main driver of their decisions in most cases...their interpretation of the law and the Constitution should be what they base their decisions off of, no?
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