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  1. Texas could seriously go blue.... What it means is that Latinos aren't fans of Trump....and either are "Bush Republicans".
  2. The irony is that the Bidens look like Mother Theresa when compared to the Trump family.
  3. The funny part is now that Tucker made such a big deal out of it, it's going to be even more hilarious once he "reports" what they contain...which is likely "not much".
  4. I digress. I really enjoyed my Belgian waffle when I was there.
  5. The next thing will be, "They were not the original contents and/or some contents are still missing"
  6. TBH, I wouldn't doubt that they were "already opened" before shipping but not noticed. It's easy to make a slit with a blade on those types of envelopes without noticing...especially if the slit is made along the plastic (which is meant to seal the envelope). I've been dealing with those types of envelopes for over 20 years.
  7. It's a load of malarkey, imo. It's 2020. No one sends documents of the sort via mail. They would have first been emailed and/or scanned, etc. My best guess is that the documents either never existed or they were nothing of substance but an attempt of Fox News to feed the nonsensical conspiracy theory that has been floating around far-right circles...and they are doing it intentionally just days before the election in an attempt to swing moderate conservatives in favor of Trump. So basically Fox News knew they were a big "nothing burger" (If they even existed) but they wanted to plant
  8. It looks as if at least the House will have a Democrat majority.
  9. My point is that there should be a "postmark" deadline...so that the vast majority of votes can be counted by election night...and that goes for over-seas/absentee ballots as well.
  10. The main point is that the vast majority of the ballots should be received and counted by election night in order to avoid the (probability) of the losing candidate crying, "rigged". For future elections the deadline to vote should be based off of postmark date...and should be postmarked at least 10 days prior to the election, imo. That would be more than enough time for all the votes to be counted by election night,
  11. As an independent/non-partisan...when I hear something like this from a hardcore Trump supporter, it literally makes me want to vote for Biden. I actually like Amy Coney Barrett and I don't have any issues with her being on the Supreme Court. But for someone to "make fun" of a well-respected Supreme Court Justice's passing just to take a shot at Democrats (And the judge that passed away) is in extremely poor taste, imo. And it's exactly what's wrong with the current political climate in the U.S.
  12. He stuck to his guns and didn't pander to what some people wanted to hear. He also stood there and let them walk right up to his face, yelling at him....and told security to, "Let him go". Trump likely would have: A. Never said something that people at his rallies would disagree with. B. Would have taken off for shelter as soon as someone got close to him and would have had him thrown out. So who's the "career politician" again?
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