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  1. Also, do not forget, "Freedom of Speech" only goes so far. For example, yelling "Fire" in a crowded movie theater (when there is no fire) will still get you arrested. Inciting a riot or inciting an all out rebellion are likely not protected under "Freedom of Speech".
  2. My comment was mostly in reference to the repercussions of not finding him guilty. That would be twice. Certainly wouldn't restore the confidence of the American people in the government (both sides to a degree). And Biden would be left holding the bag. (It doesn't matter whether or not he has anything to do with it) the American people always look to the president first. But like you said previously, if Trump doesn't pardon himself, this could likely go away for the time being (if the evidence isn't as strong as we think). In any case, it should be an interesting two weeks.
  3. I think it comes down to how much evidence there is and whether or not they can go beyond the "burden of proof" that they will need in order for Congress to find him guilty. If they decide to impeach and nothing comes out of it, it will only strengthen his base and they will hold it as a badge on their shoulders. (The same way they hold the entire Russian Collusion as a badge now). His base is currently the weakest it's ever been . Do they want to take that risk? Slippery slope, imo.
  4. That was mostly "tongue-in-cheek". (And yes, complimentary). I know you've come out in defense of Romney since the 2012 election But that wasn't quite the case when he was running against Obama. (And wasn't to be expected) If I remember correctly you didn't seem to "dislike" him like you do many other Republicans but you took more of a "dismissive" approach in terms of whether or not he was qualified for president and/or "would do a good job". I think you believed he would taylor to the rich since he himself had come from money, I could be wrong. It's been a long time and I coul
  5. In criminal cases, defendants "sign away" their rights all the time in plea bargains. The plea bargain itself is a "signing away" of rights. And the deal would include "lifetime ban from politics" which means he wouldn't be able to run at a later date. As for the rest of your post, I agree.
  6. Agreed but what is "the right thing to do" for the nation as a whole at this point? Do you want to further agitate both sides or do you want to figure out a way that could be "less abrasive" but just as effective? I'm not sure that's a fair comparison. How long have passed impeachments taken? And then the "trial" that follows? Have both ever been done in two weeks?
  7. As crazy as he looks he actually sounded "sane'" albeit a little "out there" in the one interview I saw. His premise was that he basically thought that Trump had been treated unfairly by the media and was there to show that he "had his back".
  8. For someone who dislikes Republicans as much as you do, I respect the fact that you are able to put your feelings aside when someone from the "other side" did something right. You've come a long way since I've known you!. TBH we need more thinking along these lines from Democrats if we truly want to get this nation "fixed". I will also add (and this probably won't get too many likes around here) both Graham's and McConnell's statements yesterday were direct, honest and they did not hold back. Hopefully this is a sign of things to come.
  9. I think this could be an ideal situation for the new Biden Administration. If Trump fears prosecution (and at the end of the day, the evidence shows that although he may be guilty of certain wrongdoings, they may be difficult to prove and/or difficult to get the majority of Congress to find him guilty, etc) wouldn't it be better for Biden to have that leverage? For example, they could work out some sort of "plea bargain" with the new DOJ in which Trump won't get prosecuted if he agrees to leave politics for life, relinquish all social media and agrees not to have anything to do with any
  10. I'm more concerned with how the radicals in his base will react. They already subscribe to the Q-Anon nonsense and impeaching him now could just further escalate their already paranoid tensions/actions. If Trump does a 180 and decides to "play ball" from this point forward, wouldn't it be better to move forward with a peaceful transition of power and then deal with Trump after that transition is over with? Do we really want to put undo pressure on the new Biden Administration (who's plate is already full dealing with Covid and trying to unite the country) to have to deal with the dra
  11. I'm not sure how I feel about either, tbh. On one hand, I want to see this episode of history behind us. On the other hand, if nothing is done and Trump continues his rhetoric, it could further divide the country well into Biden's term. Slippery slope, imo.
  12. Maybe a more moderate wing of Republicans forms and if so, they could always draw the more moderate Democrats. What seems to be lost (since the extremes always seem to scream the loudest) is that most voters in the U.S. are indeed moderates. I think it depends on what happens with the Biden Administration over the next 4 years. If they remain moderate, with a good economy, etc they could likely remain in power through a 2nd term. If they end up going too far left, especially since they control both the House and Senate, it could end up backfiring, especially if there is a dip in the e
  13. Yeah.mayve but I had guessed among friends that Trump had lost about half his base because of yesterday's events and those numbers reflect that.
  14. There will be some elements of them around but yesterday's events really hurt the platform, imo. If they come back it will likely be under a different marketing campaign and not nearly as strong, imo. What happens over the next 2 years will be the tell-tell. If Biden's Administration does a decent job curbing the virus and we head into a worldwide economic boom, I think we will only hear/feel "echoes" of Maga by the end of 2022.
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