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  1. Got the litho and 3 t shirts, good to go. Mammoth lead singer, “This is the last show of the tour. (For us) It’s been an amazing experience for me. Probably the best experience of my life. The Guns crew has been great. Thank you.”
  2. Anyone know what time they went on last night? And where do they sell the show shirts? Don’t see any booths in the hotel/casino area.
  3. By that argument, I can say America will spend 35 trillion on social programs, since that’s the amount that could get approved THIS year and could conceivably get approved every year for the next 10 years.
  4. Right. But you can’t really compare the two, can you? (Not that it’s likely) but Congress could technically give the defense department 0 next year. Therefore, it’s still only 750 billion. Congress would need to approve that amount every year for the next 10 years before reaching your 7.5 trillion figure vs approving it ONCE for Biden’s 3.5 trillion to be spent. Pretty big difference, don’t you think?
  5. I think you’re off by a few zeros. The defense department/military budget is usually around 700- 750 billion per year…not quite 7.5 trillion.
  6. I’m diggin’ Hard Skool. I only gave the leaked version a few listens and thought it was “ok” but after listening to the studio version 4-5 times now, I think it has the “classic” GNR sound with some punk mixed in. Two thumbs up! 👍 👍
  7. ? lol I said “I might enjoy it (more) live if they play it when they’re in Florida” I plan on going to one of the Florida shows and haven’t heard it live. Hope that clarifies it for you. No need for caps either.
  8. Pretty good quotes from Axl. Seems like he considers it a “fun song”, realizes it’s not everyone’s “cup of tea” and is “ok” with it. Personally, I was never a fan of the “Silk Worms” version and only heard this version once or twice but it didn’t “jump out at me” either. I might enjoy it more live if they decide to play it in Florida.
  9. How do you feel about Cuomo resigning?
  10. Considering the fact that he had a half decent reputation among most Americans (prior) to his association with Trump....yeah, I would consider it a pretty big "fall from grace".
  11. Just bought tickets to this. Very small and intimate venue. Never seen them in a venue this small so excited about this one.
  12. Of course you should wash your hands and practice good hygene. And if you want to wear a mask, I'm pretty sure no one will stop you. That doesn't really change my point though, does it? I'll wear a mask wherever it's mandated (it still is at my job), no issues with that. But I'll be glad not to wear a mask where I don't need to. This is a moot point, anyway...most of society won't likely wear a mask if they don't need to....I was just expressing my opinion, not a big deal.
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