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  1. Basic difference between Dave and Axl is that David is basically your next door guy personality, while Axl is unique. Read any description and sooner or later it will be mentioned. Sooner or later will be mentioned his unusual and very high intelligence. One reason I think he doesn't speak anymore is that he communicates slightly differently. Read some of his old soulsearching interviews. He speaks in pictures and distant connections and it sounds weird. Trust me, it's also how my head works and basically it needs people being adjusted to it if I want to tell something complex. There's also ma
  2. Because he is the packagest deal in the history of package deals. Normally, and this includes also like Slash or Duff, people have you'd say one, straightforward vibe. Their traits are on some level, but just one of the opposites. Like, masculine or feminine. You can pick them and put them in the box ant it will be just fine and working. Many people love having things in their boxes. You know one and you know all in the box. Then you have this Axl Rose kind of people. He's androgynous. Until this day he posses both masculine and feminine charm, which can be very upsetting, because i
  3. Not 100% sure about the source, but this is more probably Bill/Axl around age 14
  4. He must be around time when they signed record deal, so.... 24-25? I doubt 14yo Axl would be allowed to have long hair and he probably looked younger than his age when he was 14, more like - pre-teenage-cannot-really-tell-if-boy-or-girl or so. He was small and skinny and delicate. His face on the pic has more adult shape than his teenage mugshots. Who is the shoes owner who they all talk to?
  5. Don't foreget the guitar, his ultimate lifelong mistress * Axl's ultimate mistress is audience, no woman can give him what a crowd can.
  6. You make them look soft like oils
  7. Oil! I never had courage to start them! I still have a package I got for my 15th birthday somewhere. The face of lower one reminds me renaissance motives, even with baroque drama, because shading is rather archaic style. Picturing Axl is a thing I love to do because he's so emotional and expressive I'm not getting tired of that anytime soon.
  8. Axl's autibiography. Probably in Elton John's style from what did I read. It was a good read and I liked the way the story, confession, was build up. A nice little peek on how Axl's mind works, can be a string of essays or short stories, if some flowing story and details is not the way. I am curious on how did he make it because many of his breed couldn't make it and had gone too soon... and I love stories and storytellers who paint big pictures with words.
  9. He must have been high as a kite there...
  10. *Try to get to actual pain medicine specialist. They use different (known as multinodal) approach to treat different kinds of pain, so it requires lower doses and they combine drugs with low to no sedative effect. They can, as a side effect, stabilize also higher nerve functions, which you perceive as calmer mind. Get well soon.
  11. Welcome, recently something threw me back to WT1, it had been really amazing place to discuss. I love all the hints and minor information which create and colorize the whole picture - and ventually brings understanding even to topics outside the band and fandom. I hope things like armchair psychology without definitive answers and all the fun without people getting instantly offended can make a comeback. It's a pity some people, who were great sources of obscure information (like Lumikki) don't appear anymore, and with this band it's difficult to get any crumble of new material... o
  12. If they are allowed to promote and sell it under GNR trademark, they would be stupid, if not. Difference in sells are probably bigger than few upset hardcore fans... Separate recording works, it worked long, long time ago, basically since people were able to send tapes... The thing is it's different when all the band is present and the magic happens. Of course there is possibility to remake/add layers/do any kind of post-production then, but the best music usually comes from all the band in the studio simultaneously. Not just in case of GNR.
  13. There are all that properly working, interviews giving, album releasing, whole tour rescheduling bands to love... and my no.1 band is Guns n' Roses. I am not even properly adulting, that's it... I hope they at least cooperated with someone experienced in quality children's books.... as I said, it's way harder than it may seem.
  14. Keith Richards had written children's book, and it's nice (a story about how his grandfather introduced him to music), so had Paul McCarthey (from who I know)... so... why not. Buy it or let be. It seems easy to make children's book, but it's not, we'll see.
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