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  1. Fight Club is one of my favorite films, the reference wasn't lost on me It's one of my favorite lines along with "I felt like destroying something beautiful" I think there can be beauty in a damaged item, especially so if it comes with a story. A bit like how crazy watch collectors pay top dollar for totally busted vintage Rolexes when they come with a cool back story. I distinctly remember the story about the guy who listed his completely busted up Rolex on Ebay for 9.95 and it ended up selling for $66k https://www.nbcnews.com/tech/tech-news/man-lists-james-bond-rolex-9-95-sells-it-66-
  2. Oh that reminds me, I got this as a gift from a friend. If this isn't enough motivation to frame up the Troubadour lithograph then I don't know what is
  3. As long as there's no issue with humidity, I wouldn't be worried. Just put them in one of those frames from Michael's that they discount every few months. Even the regular price is cheap but if you're buying in bulk, best to wait until they inevitable discount them and then clear them out of all their current stock haha.
  4. Surely not! I mean, flat is flat, right? Unless you have a problem with humidity, I'm sure they'd be flat as a pancake if they've been in frame for 4 years. I mean yes it's Target so I'm not expecting them to be high quality frames but still I would've thought even the cheapest, shittiest frame would still not fail at the task of keeping something flat inside itself
  5. If you're talking about The Holographic Universe admitting himself in this thread that he deliberately raised the price early on... I think it's unfair to call him a fake bidder. I think he'll agree that if he had won it at $3k, he would have been very happy to win it at $3k and like I mentioned to someone else - yes anybody can throw a litho on Ebay and have a friend bid on it. But if it sells (which Kobe did), then the seller is obligated to pay a final sale fee. Final sale fee for an auction that ends at $9000 is about a thousand dollars, even more once Paypal takes their cut too. That'
  6. Man, I wish this could be answered for all the lithos, not just Kobe hah. I know that there's car collectors out there that maintain a registry or a database keeping track of rare, low-volume cars - that way if there is a change in ownership, an accident or whatever, an extensive history and provenance exists for every VIN. In a dorky kinda way, I would think something like that would be cool for numbered lithographs however we all know that would be impossible, practically speaking. I would say a vast majority of GNR lithograph owners give zero fucks about the value of their poster and just s
  7. No not at all, I'm not arrogant enough to think I'd have that much of an effect. I think the amount of potential Kobe buyers who read my comments in this thread are a very small subset of the potential buyer pool. On top of that, I'm not Warren Buffet of the litho world, my opinion is just my opinion and nothing more. But I'm smart enough to know that any estimate or prediction on price is more likely to be wrong than right, so trying to be a fortune teller is a losing proposition to me If you want to ask me whether it will sell or not, then sure yes I'm fairly confident it will haha!
  8. Oooooh that's too hard to call. I have a rough idea of how much less a damaged litho might go for compared to a mint one... but the real question people are probably asking themselves is, how much might this particular Kobe go for if the dude does in fact auction it off. If it sells for $1k on Ebay, does that mean that a tiny dent is worth $8k? Or would it be because the buyer of the first auction isn't competing in the second auction? Or are all the high rollers located in Belarus and the country's government accidentally turned on the censorship firewall at the wrong time and blocked thei
  9. I agree - but the Mona Lisa is 500 years old so I'll give it some slack!
  10. I baby all my lithos, cheap or expensive. I always hate to see anything of value get irreversibly damaged.
  11. New Lithorati Podcast episode Lithorati Podcast - Episode 3 - New Zealand/Australia/Asia 2017 Lithograph Review - As the tour goes on, so do we, with an extensive review of the designs that we received from GNR's trip down under. Terry from Australia joins us as this episode's guest and we get to hear what being a GNR fan on the other side of the world is like. Timestamps 00:00:00 Introduction 00:01:30 Interview with Guest for NZ-Aus-Asia 2017 Leg (Terry from Australia) 00:26:22 Wellington Maori 00:33:15 Wellington Kiwi 00:36:00 Auckland 00:38:48 Brisbane Pur
  12. Is there a way to tell? I didn't think there was, which means the only way we'll know is if the seller or buyer talks about the sale.
  13. My apologies if I missed it. I thought the last we spoke you said you were happy with your collection and weren't looking to add to it! This was definitely a while ago though. I'm sure you meant Cincinnati and not Cleveland haha
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