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  1. Is there a way to tell? I didn't think there was, which means the only way we'll know is if the seller or buyer talks about the sale.
  2. My apologies if I missed it. I thought the last we spoke you said you were happy with your collection and weren't looking to add to it! This was definitely a while ago though. I'm sure you meant Cincinnati and not Cleveland haha
  3. If this is the way things are trending, I'm inclined to hold on to my Cleveland litho and count the sleeps until it's worth $9k.
  4. I think some people including myself got a little defensive because it seemed like you were saying that whatever amount you bid or are willing to pay was fine but people willing to pay $2/3/4/5k+ were making a mistake and that there was better value choices to spend money on. It felt like you were making fun of people who valued the litho significantly higher than you had (you said you tapped out early so I assume that means the current price is way more than what you value it at). Perhaps you didn't mean to imply that, but I think some people might infer that. But it's okay, we're all friends
  5. There are things such as rare Ferraris and paintings that end up having values that consist a lot of resale potential and/or end up simply being wealth sinks. For example I think we all saw in the news a year or two ago about that Da Vinci painting that sold at auction for half a billion dollars. It was speculated that it might have so expensive because it served as a way to store money without paying tax or as a way to defer tax. Leave it in storage in a free economic zone and its essentially a virtually free bank account. And the Ferrari world is infamous for focusing incessantly on res
  6. And I don't think I saw anything wrong with what @Mcs953 said. It was literally one sentence where he simply said it was "low supply, high demand" - Come on man, one sentence doesn't constitute a lecture. And he's right, isn't he? There are far less Kobes going around than there are people who would like to own one and that is definitely a significant factor in why it attracts such a high premium. And as much as I enjoy buying off Ebay (slightly less so recently since they decided to start collecting god damn sales tax) - I wouldn't sell a litho on Ebay on principle - Ebay and Paypal have t
  7. I've already given away plenty of GNR lithos thank you very much! If you want my Kobe, pay up or get me a date with Miranda Kerr haha! We'll have to agree to disagree regarding the Picasso thing, because I feel like you're using the term 'original' to mean 'authentic' - the meaning of 'original' means "the first or earliest" or "not a copy" - by very definition a lithograph is a reproduction. But I get what you're trying to say - I hope you understand what I'm trying to say. Nevertheless, I still posit that $5k might buy you a Picasso but probably not much of one. The cheapest in all of
  8. I sold all my cards after graduating college for maybe like $1000 total and thought I made out pretty well haha
  9. God damn Magic cards are the ones that really astound me. There's a card I used to have back in the early 90s worth like $300 and I remember my friends and I thinking it impossible that anybody would buy a single Magic card for any more than like $500 tops. A friend linked me to a Youtube video of some guy negotiating at some sort of comicon for the same card and paid $24000 for it. Now THAT is absurd!
  10. The only Picassos you're getting for that price are lithographs/prints, not originals. I'm sure there's plenty of claimed original sketches that come with no provenance or proof but you might as well just draw one yourself and save yourself the money. I don't know man, I have an economics degree as well and the first thing you ever learn about economics is that in the real world, there will always be finite resources however the potential for consumer consumption of goods and services has no upper boundary and is for all intents and purposes, limitless. Additionally, you might b
  11. thanks for the kind words it's a little self-deprecating humor just to remind everybody that i don't have any grand pie-in-the-sky dreams or plans for the podcast. the podcast was born simply out of my love for talking about the lithos with fellow collectors, the conversations we usually have in private that several people have recommended we do in public so as some of this fun can be shared with more people. i think the first goal for the podcast is for the participants to have fun - i don't want anybody to participate and feel like it's a chore or anything. and then if anybody else out
  12. By the way, if anybody has a San Francisco litho they're willing to trade or sale, please let me know Still trying to help friends get lithos
  13. New Lithorati Podcast Episode! Includes an interview with Arian Buhler Lithorati Podcast - Episode 2 - Japan 2017 Lithograph Review - We continue the lithograph reviews with this episode focusing on the tour's brief stop in Japan in 2017. My friend E.T. joins us to share his thoughts and experiences going to a show from this leg, as well as the trials and tribulations of trying to score merch amongst rabid Japanese GNR fans. Arian Buhler also joins us! The fabled lithograph artist himself graces the interview booth for us and is gracious enough to let me ask him questi
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