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  1. Very nice! Seeing a Medusa now always makes me think of Absurd
  2. I wonder if it might have been commissioned by Xcel? Similar to Aaron von Freter's design for Prudential/Grammy Museum?
  3. Who was the guy who posted in here maybe 200 pages ago that had the Foxboro set framed but the glass smashed during shipping and it arrived all ripped to shreds? I think he reframed it with all the damage and it kinda looked like a piece of performance art or something. Mad props to him for that!
  4. Just upload it to a free image site like imgur, imgbb, postimage, etc
  5. that was 2017 http://lithorati.com/sa2017/2017-10-01 Buenos Aires.html
  6. I assure you, I did not. I posted the warning publicly at least TWO HOURS before you admitted to me in private messages that it was you. I saw the listing on Ebay and posted publicly at like 10am to warn people "whoa, this ain't me" - Two hours later, I looked at the listing in more detail and wondered who I knew from that city and state. That's when I messaged you to ask if it was you since I thought I remembered you were from that city. A half hour later, you responded to my message and within the space of one minute you: a) said it was you b) said it was a placeholder username c) said posting it publicly was a bit much for you (?!) d) then blocked me from being able to message you All in the space of one minute! If anybody overreacted, I think it was you, don't you think? Please, feel free to go back and look at the time stamps on everything. Perhaps you thought I posted that publicly after you admitted it was you? It was the other way around, man. And even if I did post that publicly after you told me it was you - I didn't mention who it was, I didn't mention your name, in fact absolutely nobody knew who it was except me until you posted your response in this thread. Even now, I don't think anybody knows who you are. You've seen me post at least a couple times before where I've publicly warned people about (for example) the Indonesian bootleggers who decided to use my Lithorati name on their knockoff posters and sell them on Ebay - I posted publicly to tell everybody that I have nothing to do with them because I don't want people to think I have anything to do with that stuff - why would I would respond any differently in this situation when again someone is using my website name without permission? I'm not pissed off at you, we don't have to be at loggerheads - I never blocked you. You're the one that blocked me, remember? Just unblock me and let's pretend this didn't happen.
  7. Do what you want, just please don't associate my website with you. This isn't a case of you using a vague phrase or generic word like "screwdriver" or "Franklin" as your username - If you do a google search for Lithorati, there's less then two pages of results and they all have something to do with my website. If you sell something using that username, it's not unreasonable for people to think it's me - which is unfair on me since I have nothing to do with it.
  8. I don't know who this seller is, I have nothing to do with them. KEEP AWAY People who know me should already know I don't sell on Ebay and that as my mygnrforum username suggests, I am very much NOT located in Enid, Oklahoma.
  9. I appreciate the kind words! I wish I could share more of it with people, but not really sure if there's anything else to see from photos or videos. Without tooting my own horn too much, I really do feel like the only way to really get the most out of the book is to see it in real life and to actually flick through it in person. I deliberately designed it to be large, imposing, to have an unmistakeable presence as a coffee table book. The best coffee table books are the big ass ones - the ones that have big, colorful pages to slowly flick through, with double page spreads so big that you actually need that coffee table to prop it up on. It doesn't make it practical, I know... but it wasn't meant to be practical - so that's okay There's a car coffee table book I saw once that looked huge in photos (well, because it IS huge) and that was sorta what I was going for. Just uncompromising in nature. But I also wanted to make it more than a collection of pictures - I write about the lithos and the inspirations obviously, but they're also intertwined with brief snippets of stories about the tour that are relevant to the lithographs. I'll leave the more tour/music/band-focused writing to the official tour programs and VIP tour books, but if it's relevant to the artwork that helped raise this historic tour to such great heights, I've done my best to include it in the book. I know it's all just for my own satisfaction at the end of the day, but at least I live knowing that I was able to make it at all, and that I did it exactly my way, no time or expense spared
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