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  1. Its over GnR will never tour again And without tickets to sell Axl will see no reason to release music, new or old
  2. Duff played it last year on his Tenderness tour on some UK dates
  3. The band Korn actually did this already 😂😂😂 https://loudwire.com/korn-surgical-masks-coronavirus-sold-out/ https://www.kornwebstore.com/korn-logo-surgical-mask.html
  4. They may cancel and blame it on coronavirus but the real reason will be low ticket sales. Take a look at the NY/NJ and Chicago shows, you can still buy tickets for every section including Pit tickets. If these shows happened tomorrow these places would be empty. And these fuckers deserve this after teasing a new album that turns out to be a bait & switch of them same show from the past 5 years.
  5. I was told the original plan was co-headline tour with Smashing Pumpkins. If the tickets continue not to sell maybe they will invite the Pumpkins onto the whole U.S. run and give them co-headline status to get them onboard.
  6. Slash already gave up Axl is impossible, and after 25+ years and only 1 album he just don't care anymore about releasing new music for the fans. Duff goes whichever way the wind blows And the rest of them have about as much say in new music as we do. Guns N Roses will never release another album of new music
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