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  1. There are a lot of options to pick, but I think I’d have to go with Tokyo ‘88. I absolutely love the guitar intro before the song then leading to Axl screaming his usual line
  2. The track listing for the second disc reminds me of the best named greatest hits album I’ve heard (Greatest Hit... and 21 other pretty cool songs). The inclusion of a demo, live song, and long time b-side is very similar to having an unreleased song and remixes on a greatest hits album. It still wouldn’t have been much of an improvement since everyone already has those songs, but it could have been a step in the right direction
  3. I can’t wait for the next selects to be Rock In Rio 2017, or some other concert we’ve already seen.
  4. At least they picked some decent performances of the songs that are usually the worst Axl-wise in the set
  5. I haven’t seen too many bad version of that, but Sweet Child on the other hand....
  6. They really just said “what songs does Axl butcher the most often” and put those all in one video
  7. Bruce Dickinson is still going strong, but Rob Halford is still kicking ass, especially with Firepower and that man is 68.
  8. I never appreciated Billy as much until I saw them. He was just a couple feet away from me and his playing was so impressive. The spot I was at gave me a great view of him and Portnoy (my favorite drummer of all time).
  9. I saw them last night and was one person away from the stage. Absolutely fantastic show with all the crowd interaction and someone getting kicked offstage.
  10. Not a surprise it was a Rush reference
  11. I’m seeing the band when they go to Boston on (I believe) the 15th
  12. Wither to Black has a line that I believe says “modern day warrior” and considering the band members are all fans of Rush and Portnoy was aware of Peart’s illness it’s not a big jump to assume it’s a Rush reference
  13. The start of New World Today reminds me a lot of Trial of Tears from the Dream Theater album with Derek and Mike. It’s a favorite my dad and I so I think he will he excited when I tell him the album dropped today.
  14. Not disappointed in the slightest. King of Delusion is as heavy as the new Doom soundtrack and it’s fantastic. Why is it that Singles are not even close to the best songs on the album (except Fall to Ascend). I’m gonna have this on repeat for at least a few days. Wither to Black is a contender for my favorite song by them, but Coming Home is still my favorite
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