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  1. The most overrated band for such a long time. Led Zep ripoff. The strokes didnt sound like any other band at the time which was refreshing.
  2. The other lack of respect to TB among the the fanbase is also around the YT takedowns.
  3. I think this was the no eyebrows photo. I just put it down to maybe a facelift but maybe other things were going on with his health. 🤷‍♂️
  4. I remember this time period. The strokes were the new kids, and being tauted as the best new thing.
  5. Was this also when their plane was told not to leave the runway as authorities wanted to search the plane for drugs?.
  6. Yes it has been Live Nation for managing the tour. They even had one of theif staff on the tour with TB, since day1 managing things. I wouldnt blame them considering how much $$$$ they would have invested to make sure TB dont fuck it up. That tour manager was Angie Warner. Does everyone remember when Angie won an awsrd and how Fernando posted a shitstorm that she didnt deserve it because the tour was a "team effort".?.
  7. Yep. The reason why they were hired was because axl didnt trust other managers because he felt their agenda was to initiate a reunion. So now that a reunion has happened whats axls excuse now for not using a proper management team for the band i wonder?.
  8. I think we are all hoping to be proved wrong!. For the other forum readers, Rembering downzeys comment on how he met with team brazil in what 2015?. And TB mention axl was looking to release a new record in 2016 i really dont get it. Why 2016 , almost 10 years past CD?. I dont get axls train of thought......
  9. From blackststs post, i take it the journalist didnt like the show "Furious, the girl threatened to commit suicide and destroy all the albums in the group: He is an ungrateful, imbecile - he was screaming in the hotel lobby". What is it with braziian fans?.
  10. I doubt frank would be making the same money with another band as he gets from GNR.
  11. I consider myself to be a fan of the 87 to 93 era. Was never onboard as a GNR fan during the nuguns years. i was in the VR corner. I ripped CD when it came out but that was due to curiousity as i wanted to hear the songs under the GNR name.
  12. Interesting i dont get any nu metal vibes from those 2 songs. Love headspace, the guitars sonically sound really good.
  13. To my ears prefer contraband to CD, in terms of the music. Locved contraband when it came out, and still like it. Libertad not so much. When i listen to contraband, i hear a band playing together not the recording mess and overproduced layers of CD. If i listen to CD i wouldnt have a clue which guitarist is on what track without looking looking at the liner notes. Contraband rocks and has groove, CD doesnt.
  14. Yep i remember an interview in 95, with slash and from his own words in terms of new music, "I'd love to be on the road right now doing my fifth album or whatever, but the way things are and the way Guns N' Roses has always been - which is that it'll be done when it's done - the most important thing is to do a cool record. And if we have to work that much harder to establish the fan base or whatever, that's going to have to be the way it is. If we were gonna be working on an annual basis - every year: "Here's a record" - and star turning out crap, that would be more disappointing. Im
  15. I think we would have eventually gotten the 2011 to 14 era axl and the reunion would have eventuated. For CD fans they may have gotten a few albums before the reunion.
  16. Agree with alot of your points. Its difficult to know i suppose who is to blame either axl for holding firm and keeping the GNR name anda releasing CD as GNR, or the record company not accepting CD as it was when axl handed the finished album in 99. My personal opinion, the 99 recordings are better than what was released in 08. I personally think if CD was released, as what was originally recorded, and under a solo name,it would have been big. Catcher and TWAT could have been single number 2 and 3. Chinese , could maybe been the first single, and used to gauge the public/radio respon
  17. I often wonder if SMKC did one of these proshots from a recent tour whether slash would post it on his twitter page......but doesnt of one of of the GNR ones. On a side note, im really looking forward to the 30th annivrrsary of the black album this year. No doubt metallica will do something big for the fans. Im sure theres shitloads of pro-footage of their 91to 93 shows.
  18. I think axl was nervous and sensitive to the critisism of the new lineup. Probably having the band members under the GNR name. I think if this was done under a solo name, he would never had the doubts and would pushed himself 100%. I think the press would have been more positive. I think just having the band under the GNR name was like an albatross around his neck. To answer your last paragraph that was in 06.
  19. Yep, you can see the video selections metallica have been doing, showing videos across the different years. They care more about their legacy than GNR do. I see no difference in singjng ability and looks between axl and vince meal at this point. Money aside, I sometimes wonder if slash thinks to himself was GNR worth coming back to?.
  20. Because if it's a hacked up cut and paste job with plug-and-play band members Isnt this how CD was put together?.
  21. The GNR folder most likely contains songs that axl sent to slash to improve originally. If axl doesnt use it slash should just rename the GNR folder to Snakepit.
  22. They fucked up the hype because of seeing money in their eyes and doing a second EU tour and a third US tour. They should have done a new album while the iron was hot, as when they were ready to tour, they were touring with a new album and could have negotiated the touring money in their favour even more.
  23. Aint no way duff and slash will walk away from the sweet tour money, neither axl to a degree. But if axl thinks GNR could be making the same tour money with a new CD lineup go for it!. The comments on the GNR facebook page, if that happens will be priceless. So how does axl go from getting rid of helium mickey to 06 voice permanatly with 90% rasp.?.
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