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  1. Why would this be entitlement.?. As a fan ive long accepted no new material will surface and that GNR are purely a touring band. However like everyone else i REALLY want to be surprised with new recordings. I couldnt care if fernando does or doesnt deal with the online fan community. Why does fernando conduct doing interviews via reddit and not Nightrain, the bands own official fan club forum or on their own facebook page?. Strikes me as a strange way to deal with fans. After seeing the amount of unflattering comments in the bands facebook site about the GNR kids book, TB doesnt nee
  2. Slash even sporting abit of grey in the fringe of his hair. I think he should just go the brian may and kirk hammett look and go completely grey.
  3. Cant beleive its taken the band 3 months to do this, and Fernando only agreeing to do something like this when told to him directly by the fans. If GNR want to look at being a top tier band this stuff should have been done months ago. Being appreciative isnt the point and we shouldnt have to be appreciative and kiss the bands arse when they do something like this. If the band want to keep the band in the public eye once we know what the future show dates will be doing these vids and putting them on the website keeps people interest. Its in the bands and TBs interest, not ours. The ba
  4. Agree it may have worked before the internet now the air of mystique just looks stupid. Now bands are taking advantage of the internet with upto date website, paid membership, streaming and in turn making them more fan friendly. Its called a business model and a word GNR are struggling to put together.
  5. Dirty Honey are one of the best new rock bands that have that early 90s LA rock sound. Really looking forward to their album whenever that may be. Buy their EP its worth it. If your interested i would also go Let it scream - the scream New York Dolls first album Black Coffee Black Crowes first and second album Faith No More - the real thing slave to the grind- skid row Ozzy Osbourne blizzard of oz RATT - out of the cellar In terms of maiden i would go live after death each and every time.
  6. You can also add "motivational factors/ give a shit" to that list. I will always compare GNR to metallica as there isnt much of a difference in age between both bands and both bands shared a stage together for a tour in 92. So i think they would view each other as peers. So for metallica we have them with QPrime since the early 90s. GNR with BigFD Mgt ( doug goldstein) since early 90s. Both bands release one of their biggest records in their careers in 91. Metallica also release " a year and a half in the life of" covering them making the Black album. Both bands tour their
  7. Was this the case when Azoff and Merck were managing at that stage?
  8. Its so fucking cringy...... As a fan i still cant comprehend that one of the biggest bands of the 90s was managed by Axls housekeeper and now her son. A band like this should have one of the best management teams. I personally think Axl is just lazy as fuck. When you look at a well oiled machine like Metallica and Maiden, with a huge Management firm, enjoy playing and releasing music it makes GNR just look shiit
  9. You would think axl would have known that when he pressured duff and slash to sign the GNR name to Axl back in 96.
  10. Thats true but theres nothing wrong with embracing your past. The last 2 shows metallica have been releasing on their stay at home monday streaming is one show from 91 and just this week one from 83!. Both with different lineups. I understand if the vand want to only concentrate on the current luneup but they could have compiled some video streaming shows fromthe last 4 years but nothing. Not even a "best of" dvd of the tour for normal public buying has been released.
  11. The reviews here in oz were interesting as they would disect certain tracks but not really say "this is a strong release and statement by Axls new Guns N Roses" or "the album has periods that you could think this album was really worth waiting 10years for ". They give an opinion on the songs but not an overall opinion of the release on its own, without trying to compare it to afd,lies,illusion.
  12. Yep. I remember slash mentioning in an interview that him and axl work at different speeds. By the time the first snakepit album was done and about to be released axl thought WTF has just happened and had only just cotonned on!!!!. Considering slash seems to release new music quicker than axl (not getting into quality vs quantity argument) we know who is the holdup of new material. Considering axl was still happy to tour CD 6 years after its release, new music is not a priority for him. I think the less than positive reviews of CD and less promotion from the record company still burn
  13. Agree. I think what it shows is that surprisingly, or not, we havnt had an NITL dvd released. So in terms of any live footage being released , there seems no band discussion has taken place about showcasing any youtube live footage. If band discussions have discussed about releasibg footage as part of ghe lockdowns, fernando would say " the band and i have discussed live footage......" then it shows the band have discussed and are practical about releasing live footage but i really think maybe the coversation within the band has been done and Axl doesnt want to release anything. So fernando is
  14. Did he really say that?. Why would he think its wrong i wonder?. Does axl dislike the old lineups?. Those lineups and music is why axls living in a mansion. If metallica can embrace the previous lineups and show old concert footage whats Fernandos excuse?.
  15. They were but from my memory it felt like audioslave and their debut album then brought linkin park into the mainstream rock world... Yep and the reason why it seems there is a lot of expectation as to what new music will sound like.
  16. Well they headlined a festival here in oz in 2001 where one person died which was similar to how those young people died from Donnington 88. But apart from limp biscuit around that time frame especially in oz i cannot remember other rock bands that were big. Korn was yesterdays band, and here in oz there seemed to be a drought of new rock bands between 2000 and 03. I still think had axl released CD as it was intended to be released in 2000 a brand new decade, i can sense 2 to 3 songs that could have gotten radio airplay and had it been under Axls own name would have been postively received ds
  17. Maybe TB are still trying to coax axl and let him agree to post whatever time period footage there is.
  18. If i remember correctly numetal was pretty done dusted by 99. That left any band to start the rock movement for a new decade in 2000. Axl really missed a geuine chance to release CD in 2000 either as guns or as W.Axl Rose.Other than iron maiden reforming with Bruce and releasing "brave new world" album i n 2000, my memory is that rock music was pretty dead then until Audioslave then released their debut album in 02/03 which had a lot of praise and promotion and then VR came along with contraband in 04 which was huge. Audioslave, foo fighters started releasing new music in 2005, the crue refo
  19. I dont know now what the lowest point of gnr is, this shirt, bridge school or RIR 2011.
  20. Thought that would be done through lawyers?.
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