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  1. Ive taken some time to listen to the 111 festival selects, and nothing positive to say. The LA 2017 shows should have been the last,and new album planning beginning of 2018. That would have saved them doing the EU 18 shows which were never consistantly good. The 111 festival show i think is onpar with the worst of the EU 18 shows. Why fernando wanted to upload this particular show, instead of any of the 16/early 17 shows, other than to antagonise ill never know. Uploading this show, shows the band members have no idea or zero care factor about these being uploaded, and these
  2. The unfortunate thing with GNR is that for a band that changed RNR between 87 to 89 and probably 91, there is alot of negatives compared to the positives. Gnr is a case of coulda,woulda,shoulda. Im sure the big 3 wish they could have changed certain things within the band upto 96, that may have changed things internally, but i doubt it would have changed slash walking out in 96. But from 96 only 1 person was responsible for the direction and musical output of whatever band members consisted of "Guns N Roses" and in my view he failed.
  3. Thats true. Especially for the prices of the tickets being sold for. Thats axls pride. Though that hasnt stopped vince meal and paul stanley.
  4. The latter. Only because id like a setlist where i have never heard those songs played live. I can easily forgo GNR dropping the usual fan favourites, especially jungle, scom and PC.
  5. Any release date known as to when their debut album will get released?.
  6. Well i have tickets to the sydney show, so im hoping for a complete revamp in setlist, No covers ( seeker, bhs, WYWH, i feel good) Drop so fine and add either dust n bones or bad obsession.
  7. Slash and Duff probably feel an obligation because it's their band too. 👆 This is how i see it to. I feel duff and slash, care more about whatever legacy is left especially from the 87 to 93 era. From Slashs first solo effort in 2010, i feel he's the only one from the original lineup that still carries the old school GNR torch. Separate topic, but Duff added Dust N Bones when touring with Shooter Jennings. Why didnt they add that to the GNR NITL setlist?.
  8. As a long time fan of the 87 to 93 line-up its a shame as to what we have. I'm more excited about the illusion anniversary than for new music. Am i clamouring for new music?. No. Am i interested in buying it to hear what they have to say at this point of their lives?. Yes. This band has had many reasons to release music, and probably more to do with axl considering Axl has the GNR ownership since slash officially walked way in 96. One album in 25 years and one live DVD ( appetite for democracy) says it all. GNR has always been a band about the sum of each members part
  9. Met steven at a drum clinic in 08. Didnt ask for an autograph or photo, just Shook hands and told him thankyou for being a part of a record that changed my life. Very personable with people, and knows how much classic GNR is loved by the fans.
  10. Hopefully it gets played as part of their 2021 tour, and as part of their Oz shows. I still hear the illusions lineup when i hear TWAT , SOD, and catcher that were leaked.
  11. I will ask what is the cameraderie like between main 2?.
  12. Dismal. They sounded like they were playing the song on the fly. Either slash was strumming the intro to fast which causes axl to speed up and hey lose that certain key on when to kick in after the spoken word stuff. They just to slow it down, and rehearse it a few times.
  13. Yep they play it fast where axl starts to struggle by singing faster, rather than the normal pace where he doesnt struggle for breath.
  14. I must say they are playing this faster than the album version, and to my ears faster than the tokyo 92 shows.
  15. Probably depends what day they fly in to melbourne from the gig before and how much time they have until soundcheck. Slash is a big animal lover, everytime GNR have toured or SMKC tour, they do the touristy stuff like visiting the zoo. GNR did that in 93 , i think 07, not sure about other tours. I doubt they would be hitting clubs or anything after. They certainly did when they toured here in 93. I would think cherry bar will have an after party that evening after the melbourne show if you have been there before.
  16. This considering Gilby apparently was asked but declined. I hope that door opens again.
  17. Seeing the video and seeing them play the garden is one of the highlights.
  18. Its absolutely fucking annoying to hear, on every Ozzy release he played on. I dont know why continually does it. It makes him a one trick pony.
  19. Thank god that never eventuated. Have no idea why axl thought zakk would work in the band.....in terms of skill and personality. Sounds like axl was throwing mudd at a wall, in terms of different players, and seeing what would stick rather than really thinking who would be the appropriate player in the mould of izzy and gilby.
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