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  1. I had tickets to seemaiden when they toured Australia and received the below this morning. At least maiden know how to communicate, hope you and your loved ones are staying safe and well, wherever you may be, and my continued thanks to you all for bearing with us so patiently. Due to the continuing health issues Worldwide around Covid-19 we regretfully inform you that Iron Maiden will now not be playing any concerts until June 2021. However, we are now in a position to give you details of our touring plans in respect to those shows we had hoped to play this year. Firstly, w
  2. Why this hasnt been officially released either before the whole virus, or now, ill never understand.
  3. So a remastered version of RIR 2011 and bridge school here we come!.
  4. Considering the dust up with manuchin, we can say axl is politically aware of whats going on. Im sure he knows how to use the twitter search function well if he wanted to know the coronavirus situation in mexico. Even if his brazillian lackeys couldnt tell him.
  5. Didnt GNR play during a pandemic?.... mexico if memory serves?.
  6. Yep, can QPrime management please approach the band in managing them. TB has really fucked this band with their atrocious merch. Its really embarrassing being a fan......
  7. Ashba as a proven "hit writer"?., ashba would be no desmond child. So from russ mentioned before guns could have been sixxam.....🤮. Besides i thought CD2 and 3 were almost recoreded so was another songwriter necessary?.
  8. I thought the longer CD was going to come out the more BB knew no music was going to happen and became uninterested and just left?.
  9. Thanks i wasnt sure and couldnt remember if cruefest was to promot SOLA or jyst another greatest hits tour.
  10. In 06 Axl looked slim, worked on his vocals and with the 06 lineup was really into releasing new music. He seemed to have a new drive. So the question was what happened for him to suddenly lose that focus and drive for new music to eventually have ashba in the band?.
  11. Fuckin Creed, is their a worst band? . I cant understand why rock radio still play their shit to this day.
  12. I think with the crues SOL the band hardly promoted any touring with it. I think the crue did cruefest in 09 which was basically a greatest hits tour. Ther was no mass touring with SOL. Cruefest happened in 09 then the crue did some touring also in that year playing Dr Feelgood front to back. I didnt mind SOL but just no heavy touring behind it 🤷‍♂️
  13. Agree. After listening to the 2000 intentions material, axl should have released the songs under WAR. When hearing the 2000 intentions there is easily 2 or 3 songs that would have had good radio airplay. Had he done the songs under a solo name, axl wouldnt feel he was in competition with outdoing the GNR material and would have been a more relaxing experience for him. I think even Geffen would have promoted the material well under a solo name, and not got the pushback under jimmy Iovine that the 2000 intentions stuff did. Axl really created a rod for his own back. With the new lin
  14. None of the current lineup interest me except the main 3. I still dont know what melissa does, except for the odd background vocal live. Matt for his contribution to the illusions and TSI albums. Izzy and steven for lies and AFD. Izzy for his vocals on 14 years and dustn bones and writing "think about you". Dizzy for being the multi-instrumentalist that he is (bongos, maracas and piano 😛). The fact that is the longest serving band member of GNR...who would have thought. Slash for the outro on nighttrain and intro to my michelle. Both solos on breakdown and solo on dont
  15. To be honest id even have taylor hawkins drumming at the point, mainly for his energetic drumming. Him and adler just have that energetic style. The unnecessary fills i agree with. Frank probably comes across as personable and a nice guy, but knows theres no way he would be drumming for another band for the money hes being paid in GNR. Like dizzy no way would frank make waves in the band. Just shutup and play and keep to yourself. Is there a reason why brain and freese wouldnt get asked to play or have joined?.
  16. Maybe victory or death is dependant upon wearing a yellow raincoat?. But understand your point. That was a low period, and pretty much burying the GNR brand.
  17. Yep just like metallica have been doing on their live streaming mondays.
  18. When matts book officially hits the shelfs,if the content of the book around the NITL tour is still the same,im sure the other media sites will start creating posts about some of the content.will be interesting if this changes the dynamic between the big 3 in GNR.....
  19. Iron maiden had postponed their oz shows to early next year but have now cancelled their australian tour. Refunds to then start happening.
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