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  1. Yrah. Im sure duff and slash remembered the axl and matt issues backstage during the illusions, and maybe asked axl, to at least ask anyway. Or maybe axl just flat out said no to Matt before the question was raised from duff and or sladh!. I thought there was a talk from so called insiders of asking matt, and having steven do the some of the songs in some capacity. Maybe just the AFD ones, but was probably scrapped when axl thought about the chemistry in the band overall and decided to stick with Frank for being loyal over the years. I wondered why brain and freese where never asked.
  2. I agree. I would like to know why axl wanted to have a 3 guitar lineup in 95/6 and then a 2 drummers around the 97 era. What was axls musical vision he wanted to acheive with this sort of a lineup ill never undrrstand. If Axl got rid of the GNR name to do this project under, it would have all been a potentially a much inspiring , and potentially easier process.
  3. I dont know. Izzy and axl go way back, as Indiana boys. Izzy did shows with the nuguns guys, irrespective that izzy was rehearsing and writing with slash and duff, and matt back in 03. I hope if there is any new songs , izzy gets the call. I still think they can write, with izzy, the same attitude like dust n bones.
  4. Love matts drumming, to me sorum fitted the illusions perfectly. Having a look at that 95 rehearsal video, where slash says matt is one the best drummers hes seen, slash must feel like hes stepping down to play with frank. I remember matt, from matts book asking if GNR were still managed by " that kid". I could see matt butting heads with TB majorly.
  5. Axl doing coma and YCBM in the one show doesnt work. Those songs should be rotated around.
  6. Im no surgeon but, that really looks like a facelift. If so why? It does not look normal. Seems like axls MJ phase. But his jawline also looks completely different
  7. Well the band, were in their nid 20s when axls pipes were at their peak. At 56 or so now, theres no way they could do the touring schedule on par with the pace of the illusion tour. Axl voice couldnt handle it.
  8. Having a listen to saskatoon, especially YCBM his voice is rough and scratchy as fuck.
  9. From interviews with zakk wylde, axl wasnt around much because he was in lawsuits from bandmates, erin and stephanie, so from 94 to 96 he was in court. Slash leaves in 96 , duff leaves in 97 followed by matt so 97 to 98 are the kinda wilderness years. 98 to 99 he was assembling CD lineup and was working on tunes, as he handed the first completed copy of CD by what 99?. The braids and facelift, is a kind of WTF period.
  10. While im no fan of franks drumming and what he brings to the band, hes not the only weakest link in the band.
  11. I really wonder sometimes whether the band especially duff and slash know about the NITL selects being put on social media
  12. A pack of 20 toilet paper with the illustrious 2010 photo on every sheet,
  13. Apparently the record company were picking up the tab for the clips. The band went through money due to axls parties, and late fines due to playing late past city curfews.
  14. True. But the shirt i thought would have more selling potential than those stupid hell tourshirts and the best one off all covid45 shirt
  15. These videos make the NITL selects utter crap. The band i reckon have a treasure trove of these shows caught on video, that will never see the light of day.
  16. The interesting thing with the illusion albums which are both my favourite, is what one person considers a song to be a filler is usually someone elses favourite.
  17. With the other useless crap they put on the merch site, im miffed why they havnt put that particular shirt online. Its better than that other ghastly illusions sweater.
  18. Im sure once the band start touring to promote it, the publicity machine will crank up to generate tickets.
  19. I really think by now we can get rid of the covers. The only cover song axl could and should sing is off TSI. So my setlist woukd be, Welcome To The JungleISE NightrainMr. Brownstone Live and let die KOHDSCOMNovember Rain--------------------Pretty Tied UpBad ObsessionThe GardenDouble Talkin' Jive Black LeatherDust N Bones ( Duff vocals) New Rose (duff vocals)Patience YCBM Paradise City Rotate, Mm, OTGM, Dont Cry , Yesterdays, Estranged CD, maybe introduce TWAT.
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