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  1. How ironic that he sings well with other artists but gives zero fucks to his own band. If he has in ear monitors he knows how he sounds. Either pride or stubborness is preventing him in improving his technique. Maybe they could ask the vocalist in adlers band to do vocals.
  2. Interesting assessment. I think after illusions they should have done what slash wanted to do, as getting back to basics, was a straight up hard rock record, one ballad. Then after that album we go into potentially some of the CD songs that could of worked with the illusions lineup (the blues, CD, TWAT, better, CITR) because to me, these have an illusions kind of feel. I firmly think what we got as part of the CD leaks last year would have worked with the illusions lineup. Shit, axl didnt know about pro tools, and drum loops until sorum showed him. Had the band stayed together we could
  3. Interesting i thought jailbreak and "long way" would be staples when they tour in Aus.
  4. I can sort of get on board with that line of thinking if the band play a shitload of deep cuts, and zero covers but thats not possible.
  5. Yep, i know people say his playing feels robotic but to me, his drumming on the illusion albums suited the songs.
  6. The fist fight stuff i didnt know!. I always thought phil left or was asked to leave and the main contention was the direction of the music for the followup post BIB.
  7. when they did it live as part of the reunion, i think it was in Hartford in 2017 , the last guitar notes did give me a few gooseparts. https://mobile.twitter.com/gunsnroses/status/922631472661401600
  8. Ill give him the kudos for not fucking up locomotive. But in terms of skill him and sorum seem miles apart. I just wonder if he feels more pressure on himself because of duff and slash. The previous members of nuguns didnt have the same status in the music community as slash. In nuguns the only person frank had to please was axl, but now there are extra bosses to please , duff and slash.So maybe frank just feels more internal pressure. My issues though is that he would do things on the kit that wernt needed or required. An extra cymbal hit that just isnt required. Just stick to how it s
  9. Really?. That's petty and really shit. You would think he would have no issues , considering he left voluntarily from when simon wright joined.
  10. Sydney Fan


    Good they did the shows justice, rather than the embarassing Ronnie James Dio hologram thing Ronnies wife was involved in.
  11. As long as its not the same setlist with the covers again, and no CD songs , ill be down for whatever.
  12. Sydney Fan


    Does elvis band still tour. I remember a few years ago the band were rehearsing for shows with a backdrop of elvis and didnt know if they were still doing this.
  13. I dont buy the whole difficult to sing. I personnaly think some songs on BIB take more effort to sing than "money". It was a well charted single, and a favourite amonv the fanbase, so i dont know why they dont bring it back in some vocal form.
  14. If they are working on a new album, i personally think the hybrid approach has been canned and they are writing new material or not happy with what has been done.
  15. If the 18and 19 NITL selects have shown hes more off than on. He could easily change the setlist to focus on his lower register, because his whispering grandma/mickey mouse helium voice wont cut it. He sang excellent with ACDC but shit with his own band.
  16. This. Plus lose a good 30kgs. No reason why he cant.
  17. Axl and izzy Axl and the lead singer from dirty honey Axl doing any duet with a female isnt for a GnR record.
  18. Agree about TRE. Im glad they released moneytalks as a single. I felt it was a stronger single than thundrrstruck.
  19. Both of slashs solos in breakdown The verse before the solo in estranged, the solo and rest of the song from that point until the end. When im driving my foot has a mind of its own on the accelarator when listening to dont damn me including the solos and ending. I find "look at your game girl" underrated.
  20. Your probably not wrong on a few things said. Australia falls into trends. For an example what is big in NA usually makes its way to Australia. Whether its artists or whatever. The UK not so much. Yes, alot of the comedy movies from the UK where hits in Aus due to the fact that the UK and Australia share the same sort of dry sense of humour. Thats why i can laugh at Ricky Gervasis comments at the Golden Globes or whatever the acting awards was earlier in the year where americans in the audience couldnt "get" what he was saying, i certainly could! American comedy i find to tryhar
  21. Gnr are very big in Australia. The 2017 Sydney show i saw, had people in various age groups. The one thing with GNR like the stones is that the age of fans is across the generational divide. So for the Sydney 2017 show night one the age differemce was young people 14/15 all the way to people in their 50s. Make no mistake the reason i feel for the shows being a sellout when they toured here was because of Slash. Where i was in the crowd was a bunch of 16 year olds who knew every lyric of the songs that were played. I was surprised. People in their late teens the same as well.
  22. CD should have been released in 06 which i have read BH was pestering axl to do. Should that have happened they could have released CD 09/10. But the question is would we still have ended up with the reunion in 2016?. From Downzys comment where axl was planned to release a new album in 2016, i would have to ask why?. Tthe band were playing literally theatres. What buzz would a new album do, with the nuguns lineup had nuguns dtayed together?. The reunion was for the money. Axl had a band in 06 with musicianship that could have helped him acheive whatever vision he had that
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