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  1. All Slash needs to say is "we are working on new stuff" which could mean anything. it could mean working on a new setlist, working on a new stage setup, working on rehearsing old songs and polish as a new song. The band really dont need to do an album. They could add some deep cuts to the setlist ( think about you, Your Crazy) rotate MM and OTGM, Yesterday, and add a " new unreleased" song (Hardschool) like SOYL. A song from their old days and market as a "new and unreleased " song. The casuals wouldnt have a clue. Like SOYL and Hardschool its interesting that the bands so ca
  2. I would consider myself to be an old school fan, Am i interested in a new album?. Yes, and will preorder when there is a release date. Am i pining for it?. No Will it set the rock world ablaze, radio etc when its released like 91 illusions?. No. Am i looking forward to illusions anniversary more than a new album?. Yes The one album im really looking forward to hearinv is Dirty Honeys self debut being released i would imagine next year. They are my favourite new band. I agree with @Gordon Comstock comments. GNR are a legacy band, this isnt 91 era where the ba
  3. Im 45 and listen to triplem classic rock digital. Guess im at boomer stage
  4. Appeitite cross and album name on the back of the singlet. That was in 88 when i was 13 then in 89 bought the "used to love her shirt" with the naked chick on the front. Bought a tour shirt , the one with the skull bandanna when i saw them in sydney in 93. Cost 75.00 AUD and i still have to this day. Still wear GNR shirts but mostly illusion era.
  5. Just to bump this, if i remember as part of the China Exchange interview when axl was asked whether slash and duff have heard any unreleased material and axl said " yes and they like what they have heard". So i feel that whatever has been heard will be worked on and released as part of the new album. Im still thinking the next album will be hybrid. Mixture of new and CD2 material.
  6. Had the band wanted to end the NITL with the LA dates, they could have been coy about any plans for 2018. Then on new years day 2018 they could have put on their social media "Guns N Roses a new dawn begins" Maybe a thankyou to the fans for attending the shows and maybe a little tidbit they are working on new music , to keep the momentum going.
  7. Listening to frank on estranged makes me realise how different the skill level is between sorum on the original and frank live.
  8. Well IF thos europe shows go ahead next year starting march, axl has 4 months to train and work on himself and make himself the best version of himself he can be. Mexico early this year was the last date, that makes it 12 months of band inactivity. I hope he has been putting his time to good use.
  9. I thought the meds didnt start until before NITL was announced?. I think axl lost the motivation for releasing anything new by the time DJ came into the band when he started to look big, when the band started to be a parady compared to the 87-93 and 06 period.
  10. I coukd be wrong, but thought there was a story about that. I thought there was a reason why he was like that and i think something to with either axl getting hassled by security or the cops that day.
  11. The 16 and 17 shows had some ups and downs but mostly good. When the band started the 18 tour in Europe the wheels started falling off then, and were never consistantly good. Especially berlin. Then we get to late 2019 with big axl, with the fruitbowl haircut that reminded me of elvis's vegas gigs before the end of his life. Hearing the LA 17 shows as the last of the shows was a long setlist, and would have been an excellent way to end the tour and work on a new record beginning 2018.
  12. Casual fans arnt logging onto reddit and asking nando about new music or come across as wanting something from the band. When axl said as part of his online chats after CD was released "dont know dont care" when someone asked about a CD followup, that shoukd be in indication that the band would rather the casual fan than the hardcore. A casual fan will want to hear some of the classic material and may buy a new gnr album out of curiosity, or stream some new music to potentially buy a ticket to a show, but have no expectations then hearing the top classic songs (jungle, pc, scom).
  13. Absolutely this. I sometimes wonder if the band and their mgt would prefer just the casual fans and for the hardcore fans to find another band.
  14. The fruitbowl haircut made its debut in the 2019 shows.
  15. The band touring in 18 and 19 shouldnt have happened as they looked and sounded tired by this stage. I guess they couldnt say no to the money. The tour should have finished at t he end of the LA 17 dates. Work on new music then retour.
  16. I think axl needs to stop with the highrange and instead of high range go into a lower register. His high ranges are cringworthy now.
  17. Yes, i beleive that was told from a canter interview and also from arlett vereke who handled GNR promotions in the early days. When slash divorced perla, Arlett made a non to kind post about it on her twitter page. According to niven, the reunion wheels started spinning more once slash filed for divorce.
  18. I cant fathom why axl would release a new GNR album with ashba in it...i just cant. He did his role as a touring guitarist, but to be on a new GNR record?. Maybe beta didnt know about discussions with slash. Maybe axl was getting negative comments from TB about slash for so many years, that maybe axl may have conversations with duff from duffs on/off again stint touring with GNR privately, and kept TB out of the loop for a certain time. Maybe that's me romanticising about the situation then. Im sure on this site, from canter chants, marc told Perla that if axl and slash ever spoke,
  19. Its always a good experience for first time attendees. Standing at the merch stand, getting to your seat,to then counting down the time on your watch. Back in 17, Hearing estranged live was a kind of pinch yourself moment.
  20. I intend on picking up a litho if the design is great.
  21. I have no idea why fernando goes on Reddit to discuss things with GNR. If he wants to know what the fanbase wants he only has to read the comments on GNR facebook, that all mention the 1 thing- new music.
  22. I personally think Axls estate and music will be milked the same as hendrixs back catalogue.
  23. Yep sydney show Diamond GA standing front row tickets bought!. . Bring on 2021. Im surprised as i thought the tickets in the section i bought tickets for would have been all snapped up as part of presale.
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