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  1. Ha this is a American audience. All you can normally hear is slurping drinks, rustling of popcorn and crunching of Nachos!
  2. I agree this was by far the best of the 3. Axl was pretty good in 2016 and if you aren't going to enjoy this video you might as well give up.
  3. I think venues need a plan B for next year. A reduced crowd with barriers to seperate people. If a 60,000 stadium are only allowed 25-30,000 in smaller pockets wearing masks that's better than nothing. Bands would have to be prepared to take a pay cut. That might be a problem! We can't have another year like this. Small bands will be fuct. Thousands of people lose their jobs. It may mean you can't go to every gig you want to, if you have health issues you need to stay away and possibly self isolate afterwards. We need something
  4. It's a fair question. Don't let the experts with thousands of posts stop you from posting. Personally if there's no new music I'd like one more tour and then let the creative members do their thing. Yes please to Slash N Myles, Duff solo/Loaded/Walking Papers and Dizzy solo.
  5. I was at Download 2018 and oddly Axl didn't sound as bad as he did on the NITLT select. When you're there live rocking out and singing you don't critic Axl's voice. But on the NITLT select Slither, Sweet Child and Rocket Queen Axl was appalling. It was close to unlistenable. Full on Mickey. Axl was spitting and snotting everywhere so I hope it was partly down to being ill.
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