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  1. Im sure its been mentioned & discussed somewhere along these 80 pages BUT.....is there anything to be said for the fact that the Mickey Mouse voice is 100 times worse coming from phone videos as it is actually live?? Therefore people are blowing these Axl performances way out of proportion & this tour proves it. Iv been lucky enough to see Axl 3 times live in Ireland, 06, 2010 & 2017 Slane and could not fault his vocal performance (albeit he stormed off stage in 10' for over an hour). Anyway back to your bickering
  2. I have no idea what the bitching and moaning is about....I loved it. As a die hard fan how can you not??? They showed real human n band emotion winging it to the finish...THISNIS WHAT WE WANT!!! If i was to guess it was thrown im last min and they said fuck it lets have fun....i suggest the fan base take the same approach and enjoy these little alt appearances. I honestly give up with some of this fanbase
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