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  1. On 23/7/2020 at 8:17 PM, chinese stew said:

    Where did you watch 

    just watched the saskatoon show from march 1993....holy fuck hand down best performance iv ever seen by this band. How have i never seen this show. simply amazing & the bands comradery is amazing. Hard to believe the tour end 4 months after this show & that was all she wrote for this lineup until 2016 !! 


    Its easy forget why you love this band so much in the first place with all the negative (& deserved) feelings towards it being a cashgrab. But man, watching that show just reminds why i put up with the shit & lack of ANYTHING new as a fan 

  2. I was looking for this thread - i was afraid to start it in case it highlights the footage & it gets taken down. 

    THIS IS THE HOLYGRAIL...fuck why cant they just release all this backstage/behind the scenes footage...the GnR universe is STARVED for this shit. 


    anyway I watched the hour + long compilation of clips there - its called Guns n Roses Robert john [The Photograpic History] and it has some fucking class unseen footage. Just seeing the band jam & shoot the shit back stage is unreal. 

    I dont know this is released now - 

    But my advice is find it asap & watch before its removed by whoever blocks this shit from us. 


  3. My big takeaways from the book were  

    1) didnt expect Axl to come off as good overall. 

    2) Didnt expect any of the SLASH stuff, Matt really hammered home on him. I guess that quiet 'its cool man' persona has really suited him. I guess i just assumed with the VR stuff that Matt Slash & Duff were really tight, but it was really only Matt & Duff it seemed. Not a good look for our man Slash & the HOF stuff with matt was bullshit if true, he's just as much Gnr & Steven if not more. 

    3) The Duff stuff really disappoints me, not standing up to have Matt the main drummer on NITL. Thats meant to be his guy, his brother, he was his groomsman & as Matt points out he has now lost them to the GnR machine & feels he cannot call on them, which is sad....Matt SHOULD be on the machine. He was my own personal favourite drummer of the band & i really wished he was on the NITL tour full time. 

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  4. On 2/7/2020 at 11:38 PM, Liva said:

    maybe it is Axl's fault, maybe it isnt.  Chinese leftovers were recorded 15+ years ago and most likely owned by the record company, which they have a say I presume in how or if they are released.  GNR could still be under contract with a record label and owe them 1 album before being released from their contract.  Hypothetically the record company that owns those recordings could be saying to GNR, give us $15 million and you can buy the songs from us and release them on spotify for free or whatever you want.  GNR might only want to pay a lesser sum, say 1 million for them, this could be cause for a delay that isnt Axl's fault, it could be a long protracted negotiation.  There might be a scenario where the guys wrote new songs and want to release all new stuff for free but still owe a record to the label or have to pay a big fine/settlement if they dont deliver, which they probably dont want to do.  Maybe they want some old songs and some new ones, but same problem with the label.  The label knows they are flush with cash, and they are probably pissed for all the lost revenue and headaches from the 1994-2008 era, the record company can hold them hostage from releasing music under the GNR name unless they pay up some big sum, who knows.  Or maybe it is all actually Axl's fault...who really knows.  If they are in a lawsuit or trading nasty legal letters with the record company, that is why no one in the GNR camp would want to say anything and are being cryptic, cause...anything you say can and will be used against you.  There are so many things that we simply dont know, so many factors, that we cannot accurately place blame on anyone.

    If you can sell out a tour and make bank, would you pay say $10 million to buy songs from the label, just to release them for free on spotify and see no increase in ticket sales?  No one would do that, it is called the "Music Business" for a reason, you cant simply ignore the business side as much as they may just want to focus on the music side.

    Slash and Duff dont have that record label burden which is why they release music under their respective names/bands, and Slash went completely self distribution a while ago, so I am guessing even while he wasnt talking with Axl, he knew the record label game was hell and he switched courses.  Slash and Duff also release music, because they need their own music to sell tours under their own names if they want to be around for more than 1 or 2 tours.  GNR on the other hand, as proven, can sell tours without new music and have been doing so since 2002.

    My jaysus...did you really just pull all that outta your arse??? Laughable..... heres one for ya! in the off chance that dat is the case, why doesnt the band or anyone fucking say something....like anything?? Say its a legal or money issue...stop this insulting bollox of "stuffs happening"! Throwing around fake record deals worth 15 mill... have a day off mate!!


    And also Rich Fortus would want to take a long hard look at himself as a musician. Clearly zero ambition...in a band 20 yrs n released one record. Better off in a tribute band apart from the pay...its the only diff

  5. 3 hours ago, Liva said:

    if this forum had 1 million active members and they were all complaining about the setlist, you have 25% of your concert goer's complaining, then yes something needs to be changed.  But that isnt the case, so everyone needs to just chill out and enjoy what we have.  The guys arent 28 yrs old anymore, there is no changing that, set expectations accordingly

    Fuck the set list its the new Album thats pissing most off id imagine and thats down to Axl clearly because Duff and Slash both released material since theyv been back and i think that speaks VOLUMES! 

    So let Duff and Slash play this out i guess is where iv ultimetely landed....end of the day most these songs they havnt been playing for the last 20 years. My angers with Axl sitting on a vault of music, that will never get released!! Such a fucking waste of talent to release one album of new material in what, fucking 28 years


    May aswell delete this whole section and "new album thread" cos i just seen the ad for the US tour "next chapter". Are you fucking joking me...fuckers labelled the european tour under an "all new show"  banner. 

    We again are the mugs iv forked out nightrain tix and im just so defeated with this whole thing. 

    Very very thankful Duff Slash Axl got back with Axl for a run but they need to leave guns again if they have any self worth. They are better than beating this dead horse...how fitting its added to the set. We are not getting a new album and meds up Axl  is gonna die with a vault of music untouched. Atleast i can I look fwd to the next SMKC album and Slash is better off keeping his own riffs for his music. Fuck Axl at this stage


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  7. Matt Sorum > Stephen Adler.


    18 hours ago, Sisyphus said:

    I don't know if these are unpopular bur from the top of my head:

    Use Your Illusion albums are not overproduced.

    Matt Sorum fits Guns N' Roses the same or even more as Steven Adler.

    Lies is a proper follow up to AFD.

    Izzy fanboyism is annoying. I love him but he's not all that.

    Live Era is freakin' awesome.

    Guns N' Roses has no filler. 

    My World is cool as fuck.

    Yep....all the above. Iv been on the Matt Sorum over Adler mountain a long long time. The Goat of GnR drummers.....welcome aboard 

  8. I am optimistic that new material will drop this year...but lets be realistic it aint gonna be a new album.

    2 singles MAYBE a 6 song EP like "Lies" that will have live songs or covers on it aswel....

    But i do think the fact that Slash and Duff being back in the band will push it to happen...if it was left up to Axl all his material would die in his vault🙄

    Slash n Duff between themselves have released 10 albums to Axls 1 since leaving the band...13 if you include Loaded and thats not to mention the other various appearances on songs etc.....they will get us new material dropped 🤘🏽🤘🏽🤘🏽 

  9. 1 hour ago, The Holographic Universe said:

    You have seen all line ups of GNR in Ireland?

    I have....saw Axls Guns in 2006 & that was fucking epic. I wasn't expecting much as I had become much more a VR fan at that stage, but 06 guns was class. the 2010 Guns however, git the full Axl tantrum storming off stage for 2 hours experience. and yet when he came back in 2012 I was there with more money haha

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