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  1. Yea thats it mate, thing is he aint sounding any better these days so whats he gonna be like in the 60s haha? Hope its still a good tour though.. But yea its literally hardschool or bust this time around.
  2. Agreed. Not bothering giving them anymore $$$ until something new is released... Adelaide, Aus: 2007, 2010, 2017
  3. I love em all... Jon stevens was a great first vocalist an local boy, and i thought corabi was good (as i actually prefer his vocals in crue for that 1 album) lol ?.. But yea at least its something... Where as this muppet is contained with appearances on scooby do so...?? Haha
  4. All i can say is lol.... Thankyou dead daisies for keeping rock albums going, plenty of albums out since chi dem.. And fun fact, slash played guitar on 1 track on first album, and fortus/reed/frank have all been either touring members or recorded in studio with the band. Prove me wrong team brazil... Pry that epic state of grace and the general from axls cold, grumpy hands and share with the world... ✌😂😂
  5. Oh ok nice one. Audio good then? Nah its not There anymore, that i can see anyways lol. Great lineup, should have done more with them... What a waste
  6. You were? 2002 rocked, howd you get Leeds show? Nightrain with bucket is the tit*s ! Lol...
  7. Chairman was a legend... Gave a glimpse into more than this band/management has done in over 20 odd years... Long live the champ Take note TB....
  8. Exactly... Getting older an will sound shittier.. Look at sammy hagar and his voice is great still at his age.. Best thing now is the chairman or somebody gets any more leaks out there from 20yrs ago with lyrics when axls voice wasnt spent... Id be happy with that. No new album is coming... And anyone seeing them live listening to that shite vocally served up an slash playing not giving 2 f*cks anymore.. Good luck to ya...
  9. Lol ur funny... Releasing an album... Haha i needed that laugh... Wake up ppl it aint happening... Bring on the village leak era vocals All hail the chairman!
  10. Im only mid 30's and im over kohd..scom...etc... I say all hail the leaks... New music is new riffs an [lyrics] to sing,whistle and hum along too lol.... #stateofgracestudiovocals!
  11. Your answer is in the last sentence... Touring=millions for the guys Releasing music= no millions for the guys Therefore, step 1, rinse an repeat... 👍
  12. Never said i was speaking for everbody in general... Just said as few ppl already have too, it is an old show if no new music or the og 5 members... So if your happy to see a re-run show for the casual fan, then enjoy! The real fans would attend and the numbers would be bigger then if the chance of new songs or appearances from adler,izzy,sorum etc was going to happen... Thats a fact, not judgement... U wanna go a see a band that does nothing, poor management and a lack of news compared to other bands?? Enjoy... Others wont waste there money on a 2017 show again with the garden being play
  13. Yes they are huge, heaps of my mates like them and always get radio play... Again though its to the "play wwtj/scom crowd"... Most ppl dont know anything post 93 onwards about the band.. Therefore arent true gnr fans, cant be any more simpler for the nay sayers on here....
  14. Exactly this point! ... Im an aussie member of the forum and as i said... Seen em 3 times now [finck, dj, reunion] all in Adelaide... Ppl will go thats a fact.. But its all the "wttj on the radio crowd" not the real fans who know this band has become a stinky gym sock and joke with no new album or a decent management team... Nothing new in years so not really interested.
  15. Yea adelaide is my home town gig... Last time was a great show i was up front.. I think i will give this one a miss, unless its the original 5... Or new album release before the gig, otherwise its gonna be same show plus maybe a few more UYI songs thrown in... Adelaide oval is great venue and should be a good show for the casual fans... But im at the stage where its "hardschool" or not interested in KOHD anymore...
  16. Its really good... Would have been better if Axl made an appearance on a track... But he didnt 😪
  17. The chairman please come back lol.... Help us gunners fans out during covid...
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