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  1. *comes on here because thread is hot hoping for something* ...... *leaves in disappointment*
  2. this is the most optimistic post I’ve seen from Tom in a long time
  3. These fuckers withhold tons of footage from the fans on a daily basis, but shell out over 40 hours like it’s nothing for a damn pinball machine.....
  4. Is it possible it’s UMG that wants the band to release the old stuff before they’ll invest the money to put this band into the studio to record a full new album? These old recordings are worth a lot of money when it comes to studio time. It would make sense that UMG doesn’t want it all to be thrown away.
  5. It’s laughable how little they showed Axl in that video
  6. Disgusting how they’re insinuating that they want Trump to die of Covid. Absolutely disgusting. This band is a fucking disgrace Edit: I don’t give a fuck what anyone’s political beliefs are but regardless, this is way over the top.
  7. Videos can be uploaded to YouTube and still require payment to watch.... just remember that
  8. Nando just shot me a reply said “it should of already been done and available” in reference to the footage possibly being uploaded
  9. Imagine a world where they take down your entire channel and then use your remasters for their own channel
  10. My expectations for this footage is that it’s just going to be like the videos they post on twitter where the studio version is overdubbed over like 50 small clips
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