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  1. I’m sure it was better than this one a bit. His screams were great but the middle of the song had a lot of weak middle register. All in all an awesome NITLT selects
  2. Nightrain was kinda weak in 2016, he didn’t use as much of the low register rasp then
  3. At least the Mickey voice had some life behind it in 2016
  4. *comes on here because thread is hot hoping for something* ...... *leaves in disappointment*
  5. this is the most optimistic post I’ve seen from Tom in a long time
  6. These fuckers withhold tons of footage from the fans on a daily basis, but shell out over 40 hours like it’s nothing for a damn pinball machine.....
  7. Is it possible it’s UMG that wants the band to release the old stuff before they’ll invest the money to put this band into the studio to record a full new album? These old recordings are worth a lot of money when it comes to studio time. It would make sense that UMG doesn’t want it all to be thrown away.
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