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  1. During the Bridge in HOB he came in early and directed the whole band to catch up with him as he continued screaming, was so badass imo
  2. In terms of screams, HOB 2001 is unmatched Pittsburgh 2002 is also one of the best screams
  3. After listening to this a lot I’ve discovered that the thing that bothers me most is that they mixed the “screaming fucking banshee” line in a beat too early and it really bothers me lol
  4. Yep they’re still around. Doesn’t seem like Sid clickbaits as bad as he used to. He still gives good concert review rundowns after every show. I can’t say I completely blame him for going the clickbait route, it’s the nature of online news, anything to get people to read and see an ad
  5. Sorry to tell you but they soundchecked absurd at Metlife as well
  6. Had to wait in line for 1.5 hours to get a spot on the rail but well worth it
  7. https://www.barstoolsports.com/blog/3377333/guns-n-roses-just-released-their-first-new-song-in-13-years Even Barstool Sports is shitting on this one
  8. Security guard came out of nowhere and is not standing right next to me, I may in trouble
  9. Axl just saw my phone and smirked, just saying
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