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  1. I took the day off of work, got my CD and blasted those 3 songs I didn't know thru the speakers of my car!
  2. Why would it be distracting, if GnR and Slash would release a new records at nearly the same time? 1. A lot of people don't give a shit about Slash's solo stuff. The record won't be serious competition. 2. Both records could benefit from being released close to each other. It would even be a kind of promotion for the Guns record, since Axl usually doesn't do promotion.
  3. Hopefully - when you order the CD and the vinyl - they separate the shipping.
  4. Well, that's not really the case. When you listen to Plácido Domingo for example. He's 80 and he still sings in operas. But when you compare his voice to the one from the 1990s or before, it's evident, that age is a factor. It's just that the prime of Opera singers starts later.
  5. That's probably how it should be... the "not getting out of the head"-part.
  6. I kinda like the studio version. They should've changed the vocals tho. :/ Edit: And yes, it doesn't fit Guns n' Roses. Not even Chinese Democracy.
  7. Yes, we will. But it is, like it is, because hope dies last.
  8. The show got rescheduled to 13th of July 2022 - as you probably know already. Let's see how it'll work out.
  9. It depends, when you've gotten into GnR. For me it was 1991 with the Illusions. So those records will always be my favorites. A4D is an awesome records, but just a bit below the Illusions. (Honestly there are some kind of "fillers" on A4D too. Anything Goes and You're Crazy are alright, but similar to Shotgun Blues and You ain't the first. I Like 'em, but not as much as the big guns. So I get Frankfurt93's opinion.)
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