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  1. Indeed, to me the TV set is now just an piece of furniture.
  2. Is a era of huge change of custom. When you back wach TV after much time you have the feeling is all fake, in special mode TV news, at least in my country is better research in alternative channels , type social media , rather traditional TV.
  3. Here young people not watch much TV too. Tv ratings down year for year.
  4. Here is most old people keep them house phone.
  5. The ukrainiann "influencer" Dimitry 33 years old died about Covid, he contracted the infection after a trip to Turkey. He doubted about the virus existence......
  6. I read that Angus an recent interview to Spain FM he had praise to Axl.
  7. Is interesting the map of the world with stars for every place they played, good idea.
  8. Yeah, is like an cliche when the people refer about UYI filler.
  9. This, i nterpret it was an irony from @DieselDaisy part.
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