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  1. Here same, An Argentinian that live in Uk arrived with it mutated virus, and now he is isolated.
  2. Oh yeah, sure Axl learned about the football game than the ball isn't square...
  3. I guess that Axl consider he already has his mission acomplished about Trump.
  4. This about "soccer game" sure is some that Beta says to Axl, what thing would know Axl about football between Brazil and Argentina?
  5. Brant loss a son of 49 years old in 2019 too.
  6. It post of Matt inGNR FB had more of 400 likes, some enough unusual.
  7. I don't talk about conspiry, nothing serious, he isn't an monster, just him like mind games. He look as very cerebral person.
  8. Matt for two consecutive times posted Axl pics, some unusual to him, this is first time he post in GNR FB, and just to praise Axl pic. Maybe you're right, and Matt just suddenly back love to Axl..
  9. At this point how many enterteinment business will be in bankrupt to 2022 ❓😑
  10. Sorry, i just come a it conclusion cause Forum menbers posted snippets of the Matt book, and apparently he put Axl in better light, cause he is more straight that Slash and Duff. It isn't my opinion, it is just an description than Slash and Duff don't push too much for Matt, accord the Matt book.
  11. Now will need a vaccine to Ice Cream too
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