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  1. this, our President get COVID too after he was vaccinated, but it was very light , and today he already is out after two weeks of isolation.
  2. I read too that a woman had it symptoms, plus she had stroke symptons, but after 48hrs she is full recovery.
  3. Ratam


    Yesterday i see an cute video of a little cat was harass for an pack of hounds dogs, it was in the Russia street, a the little cat confront these dogs with incredible bravery!! A neighbour ask for help. But the cat can to deffend himself! Now the people become it cat a kind of hero, and put the nome of "Jackie Chan"
  4. True, i always find sad when many musicians need fundraise money to treatements or surgery, at times in they old age too.
  5. I guess the Florida Governor should have control about it issue.
  6. I think in a sense they as band always was a bit cartoonish, isn't just Axl. Think too they style cartoonish was part of them charm to the masses.
  7. It "little bird" tell you true, at least two people of my country to going to Florida, two scums, one is the grandson of the one most famous hostess women's of TV, and another is an wife of a famous former football player. Both was very criticized here about it.
  8. Best Jungle. Easy(weird) weak Sorry good UTLH good RQ 50/50 Nightrain (weird) 50/50
  9. Ratam


    He isn't will reply you, he was banned.
  10. Happy Birthday IZZY! The Most Mysterious Man of the Rock. Wish you has great one!!
  11. Here skip up cases too, we're in the second wawe now. Yesterday our authority put new restrictions about bars, restaurants, public transport and on and on.
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