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  1. Social media isn't very serious, they just repeat "fan claims".... apparently the only "source" is a "fan"....?
  2. Very interesting. Matt has 5 years old brother! 😮
  3. May she had Beta or Fernando warning about she indiscretion.
  4. If Axl " i miss that guy" then you should pay loot to Izzy...
  5. I find it in random form few time ago. No any article about Lennon talk about it, reverse Axl many article about he beat women. The Lennon image that the press had create is most as Pacifist.
  6. Yes agree, isn't i believe it . After 56 years! My concern is more about the media attitude, they target people,.these yes, not others.
  7. The press, media pick target, how many people knew that Lennon beat his first wife?
  8. Is weird that it recently accusation about Bob Dylan isn't has still many fuss.
  9. Which would be the reason it isn't cover the GNR shows? Sound weird. GNR fans are inmune to Covid...? Crazy
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