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  1. I can listen to Tool for only about 30 seconds, like if they come on the radio I have to change the station.
  2. Yeah I think he would be down. Really wish they would do an online SMKC performance; I would pay for that. He did the Come Together video and also did this recently: I agree
  3. 100% Personally I wish they had stopped after 2017. 2016 could've been the big Axl/Slash/Duff reunion, then release the LnL box on time in 2017 and invite Izzy and Steven back for a run of shows for the 30th anniversary. Then after that only come back if they have a new record to promote. But from the beginning I've always had complaints, first one was Frank's playing, which really took the wind out of the sails for me. Then the missed opportunity for a new single or something to go with the tour, no real special celebration of the actual 30th anniversary of AFD (apart from overpriced mer
  4. Maybe Yeah I think if blabbermouth etc hadn't reported on it then Todd wouldn't have edited it. I'm always happy to hear about new SMKC too.
  5. Probably wasn't supposed to say anything publicly yet. Although Meegan posted that pic of Todd and Slash together and in the comments confirmed that they were working on a new record, but honestly you could kind of figure that out before she had said anything. Todd had posted something before that saying that he was in LA working on stuff and I knew that SMKC had to be one of those things.
  6. I agree. If they're not going to do another album then just get the other guys together for one last run (and get rid of Frank, Fortus, and Melissa for it). Maybe even invite Tracy, Roberta, Teddy Zig Zag, etc for guest spots. Then Slash can focus on SMKC and regularly put out new music there.
  7. He's edited his posts now, there's no mention of SMKC IV. We already knew he was working on it anyway.
  8. Same Frank is all over the place on the Vegas ones, which ruined it for me.
  9. That's correct. Then they'll delay release of the album until they can tour. That's why LTD came out in fall 2018 instead of the summer.
  10. I brought up touring because Fernando said they wouldn't release anything until they could tour behind it, and it seems like that's still the plan since they haven't done anything this year.
  11. They'll definitely do a tour when the next SMKC album is released.
  12. Looking forward to it! No Slash definitely cares about what he records for SMKC; it's not throwaway material. I would take it a step further and say that SMKC is his main creative outlet and he views GnR as his day gig (remember what Matt said in his book?) where he plays the same hits every night. Of course now he's worked on some material for GnR too but I wouldn't say that one is better than the other, they're just different. It's not Todd's fault that there's no new GnR album, he just comes over when Slash calls him. If anything Todd is a great example of how to stay busy a
  13. I think he purposely doesn't do any 'epics' in SMKC because he's not interested in them there.
  14. They also appropriated disco in order to capitalize on the work of Black artists but that's a different topic.
  15. You mean Wayne's World 3? I agree with everything that has been said earlier about the management and their handling of things. I too was much more of a hardcore fan which finally seemed to pay off in 2016 but by the time one of the guys told me SMKC was recording in early 2018 I was much more invested in that, and I still am. There's plenty of other bands to get excited about now so I'm not sitting around waiting for GnR to do something. Dirty Honey is working on a new record and Tyler Bryant & the Shakedown have a new one out on Friday so I'm more excited about that. The Selects vid
  16. Maybe for the VR cover it would've been better if Dave had done the lead parts (he had the guitar after all). I would be down to see GnR try a cover and it would be cool to see Slash and the others do their own spin on it. Maybe Unchained or something like that.
  17. Nah I'm good. Yes to both of those. That would be worth watching over and over.
  18. Izzy, doesn't care, he just wants to stay at home. Is anyone doing anything for Halloween? We can talk about that.
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