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  1. It says unavailable, what video is it? I like it, cool camera angles, simple and straightforward. No they recorded it at RCA Studio A in Nashville. 137k streams on Spotify now (I had it on repeat all last night so that's why ).
  2. I'm liking the song more, the mix is still irritating though.
  3. Why would you even think that? This video was shot a couple months after he had covid so maybe that has something to do with it? He looks fine to me, just older and more grey in his hair.
  4. Mesa Boogie has nothing to do with it, they weren't owned by Gibson when he was doing the WOF and LTD tour. In the music video Frank is using an Orange cab. Not sure why Slash doesn't have his cabs out for the video but I'm sure we'll see them on tour.
  5. I think there might be more focus on the UYI box set next year when the tour starts again, I'm not sure where a new album fits into that. Yes it's official, the tour dates have been announced.
  6. Well even on past SMKC tours he just has the cabs on stage with his dinosaur/horror paraphernalia on top, no stage heads. Last time he had stage heads was AL tour.
  7. I like Sugar Cane also. That's how I feel too. Off to the side with the guitar rack. He's not endorsing something new. Frank is using an Orange Custom Shop 50. Tbh during the verses Frank is mixed too loud (or rather Slash is too soft). That's what I'm hoping, that they went with this song first because it's more radio friendly and that the rest of the record has more nasty hard rocking stuff. Personally I don't think this was the best choice for an album opener, compared to WOF and LTD. We'll see I guess.
  8. The song would rock more if the mix was more modern sounding, like if the drums were punchier like on the last 2 records. WOF has a great drum sound and it jumps out of the speakers. This song, not so much.
  9. It's on Spotify now. Not a fan of the mix, I preferred Elvis' work on the last 2 records.
  10. I feel the same way, even for WOF I think they only released 3 before the album dropped (that I recall anyway). I guess we might hear a few tracks live from the first couple shows before the album drops but with LTD, between the singles and live videos, we knew all the main songs by the time it came out.
  11. AL studio playlist WOF studio playlist And full documentary Hoping there's some kind of behind the scenes video for this record, we didn't get much for LTD.
  12. That descending guitar line in the chorus that was talked about earlier in the thread is reminiscent of Beneath the Savage Sun.
  13. Oh it's the YouTube Music track, it won't go live here in the US until later tonight. That interview was cool, he managed to get through the whole thing without saying those famous three words haha. My prediction about touring was correct, US in spring 2022 and EU in 2023.
  14. What was the first video supposed to be? Thanks for sharing!
  15. Better than those weird Ron English ones though imo. I think they could've made this one a little better for sure. The number on it makes it look like a sports jersey.
  16. There will probably be a press release about all that tomorrow. Btw his website had been redone, new theme etc. https://www.slashonline.com/
  17. SOYL has a little under 20 million streams on Spotify, which is more than most of the UYI songs (except the big hits of course) and is within range of the lesser streamed songs on AFD. Absurd and Hard Skool have 2.8 million streams and 2.4 million streams respectively. Plus to casual fans SOYL sounded just like an old classic GnR song because it is an old classic GnR song. I'm sure that helped things, along with the promotion that they did for the single and the boxset.
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