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  1. I haven't followed anything Izzy /Gn'R related for a long time, but this popped up on YT: Release date: June 2020...
  2. Whether it's for charity or not, "Live and let die" is really bad choice of words in this situation. And it's not even their own song, it's a cover.
  3. Since this has been requested I'll start a thread for Axl's political tweets and political discussions that stem from those tweets. Next time when the world's most dangerous pianist gets political here is a good place to discuss it. (And for example the official media thread can be saved for what it's really meant for: Melissa's ######, Duff's T-shirt promotions and Slash's Instagram-porn) https://www.psychologytoday.com/intl/blog/lifetime-connections/201610/10-tips-friendly-political-discussions
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