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  1. Eternal nuthug would be more fitting. Jarmo, despite being in the Axl orbit, doesn’t really have much credibility. His responses are rooted in emotion, not logic. He doesn’t speak objectively on the subject of gnr or Axl, his only motive is to put a positive spin on EVERYTHING Axl related, and to object to anything critical of him, out of fear of falling out of favor with Axl and TB. Therefore, his words hold little to no weight.
  2. Axl is creatively bankrupt and has been for years. I think people are really delusional about what newly written music is gonna sound like from a 60 year old Axl, compared to his past material. The best to hope for would be a release of everything in the vault, which I’d be very happy with. Hopefully they are reworking some old Axl tunes and not making some stupid “Rock or Bust” type generic ac/dc type album.
  3. Hey, are you the guy who had that Axl gif with the falcons(?) jersey marching out onto stage with buckethead as your profile pic?
  4. Good god, get a refund. Same exact show over and over, except next time you see them, they’ll be a year (or two) older. ITS OVER, JOHNNY!
  5. Scraped is the worst song in the gnr catalogue, worse even than my world. Scraped makes my world look like bohemian rhapsody.
  6. Yes, partly arrogance, but more so they’re just going through the motions. Axl interacting with the fans and going on a rant here and there though would make things look a little less rehearsed and more spontaneous. Perhaps you’re correct, there’s just so many songs that they don’t play live, and there catalogue isn’t big to begin with. They mostly play the same songs with a small list of rotating songs.
  7. They’re just a very boring band. How could the band get excited to play the same exact fucking setlist, night in, night out for YEARS? I honestly don’t see how anyone gets excited for a gnr concert these days.
  8. You do realize gnr is not affiliated with this forum and you’d only be “punishing” those that own operate it, right?
  9. During all this chaos and despair we are feeling during this worldwide pandemic, we can at the least take solace in the fact that axl, slash, Duff, Richard, frank, dizzy and Mellisa are hunkered down in the studio, together, cranking out an album for all us fans to distract us from our daily hassles. GNR 2020!!!
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