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  1. Has anyone considered he’s just fucking with people on message boards? Who make up about 0.5% the audience at a show?
  2. He never fails to come off like a douche somewhere in an interview
  3. He talks about it in his book. He was offered to appear here and there for no money and turned it down.
  4. Matt confirms in that interview that past delays in releasing the book were due to further editing. I wonder if someone made him realize how awful he comes off in the original version. Interesting that it’s delayed again
  5. I really don’t get the obsession with album anniversaries.
  6. And he probably barely spoke to the former members when they were in the band
  7. I don’t think Axl’s mental health was in a place to pull off tours in 2002. When he says he was “sick”, that can mean a variety of things. I also firmly believe he has gone on medication since then.
  8. Ok then, cock rock. That better? You know the music I’m talking about and I’ve never seen the phrase in front of anything besides “rock.”
  9. Fuck no. I know Myles has pipes but I can’t stand the way he sings on the Slash songs. It gives them all an 80’s butt rock quality that I can’t endure.
  10. Matt claimed that she came on to him in the original version of his book
  11. I’ll be interested to see what else he changed. He came off terrible in the leaked version
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