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  1. He was Slash’s security guard for years. Supposedly he looked a lot like Slash. He is mentioned in the book and Slash eventually had to fire him. He mentions something about how Ronnie crashed one of his cars and he was taking a few too many liberties with his job, something along those lines
  2. Unless he wanted it to tank and force a reunion. The music business is swimming with sharks
  3. I don’t think Iovine is wrong. But it does give you an interesting perspective on the relationship with the record company. Not only were they not really behind Axl but are doing things that seem designed to sabotage this project
  4. Imagine this scenario.....it’s 1999. Axl Rose and what’s now called GNR have been holed up in the studio for several years working on their highly anticipated next album. Millions of dollars have been spent but supposedly, it’s almost finished. Axl hasn’t done press in years, but on this night a journalist from Rolling Stone is coming to do an interview, listen to the album and inevitably tell the world about what he heard. The head of the record company (Jimmy Irvine) just happens to be there to greet said journalist and says to him “Just remember, it’s not really Guns N Roses without Slash.”
  5. Especially considering that a large portion of the potential audience already read it
  6. It’s a goofball idea and then you hear the execution. “We’ll approach Metallica to headline the first night” So the first night headliner will be twice as popular as the namesake band of the festival in 2010? Also, I have a feeling Metallica would have gone nowhere near a Doug Goldstein production. I also thought this idea revealed a lot about Axl though. Doug did know him well and came up with a grand idea for Axl to make money in the music business doing nothing. If you think about that, the CD delays, late show starts, and general inactivity make perfect sense. Axl didn’t really want t
  7. Problem is that the Ticketmasters and Live Nations are using that money to stay afloat
  8. I think the Strokes were way better and less derivative than that. Great Van Fleet just seems silly to me
  9. I know the Strokes aren’t everyone’s cup of tea but I did and still do think they’re great. Probably the last time I was that excited about a new band. Yeah, I’m old
  10. Is that really SO outrageous? China is where this started and as a result of poor sanitary and food handling conditions
  11. This is the biggest reason, they couldn’t even get booked in an arena in the US
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