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  1. I think the Strokes were way better and less derivative than that. Great Van Fleet just seems silly to me
  2. I know the Strokes aren’t everyone’s cup of tea but I did and still do think they’re great. Probably the last time I was that excited about a new band. Yeah, I’m old
  3. Is that really SO outrageous? China is where this started and as a result of poor sanitary and food handling conditions
  4. This is the biggest reason, they couldn’t even get booked in an arena in the US
  5. Yes, it was recorded earlier. MTV had a tradition for awhile in the 90’s showing big name interviews before the VMAs. Smashing Pumpkins did one at the height of their popularity talking about firing their drummer for drugs.
  6. The Axl interview was aired right before the VMAs but it wasn’t presented as being a live interview.
  7. Yes, it came on right before the VMAs in 1990 and it was the first time the public was told Steven was fired. MTV News has stated a month or so before that he had quit the band.
  8. Ruining his reputation? You mean from talking about the autobiography he wrote that people bought from Amazon before it was yanked?
  9. Ok, I believed the guys in Leaving Neverland but everyone is entitled to their opinion. A few things are possible: 1. Someone may not have the best timeline of events on things that happened as children. 2. Someone may lie under oath and it doesn’t mean they’re lying later. 3. Someone may be trying to get money out of a situation and they were abused. Those things are not mutually exclusive.
  10. You mean the trial in 2005? The one AFTER the 93 allegations where he was strip searched by police and his reputation was basically ruined? Then he kept hanging out with children until he was accused again? Are you referring to the 4 years between 2005 and 2009 until he was killed with drugs because he literally couldn’t sleep at night?
  11. Yes, Slash played on MJ’s History album which came out in 1995, several years after the first official allegations. He had also played on the 91 Dangerous album. So what’s plausible is that Axl had issues with Slash continuing to work with MJ.
  12. I don’t have sleepovers with children so I’m guessing I’ll be fine.
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