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  1. Hard Skool has all the signs of just being a single. To an album or by itself; I’m not sure. The vinyl only has the B-side Absurd. The cassette and CD seem more like physical counterparts to the singles that were huge in the 80s and 90s. This doesn’t seem like an EP or an end all to new music. It just seems like a single that is being promoted heavily with stickers and stuff; albeit ahead of a new album. I’m just not sure when. All opinion, of course.
  2. Judging by Fernanado's comments about "Vinyl, release, etc.", I'm inclined to believe that Hardschool was being soundchecked last year and being prepared as the lead single; being it sounds more like "GN'R". I think the promotion was delayed due to COVID. I read his comments as promotion was being done for Hardschool, hence they didn't want to waste the opportunity on half filled, COVID restricted stadiums. Enter Absurd as a replacement for something new to draw people but they didn't want to waste the promotion for Hardschool with so much other news in the world.
  3. The science doesn’t explain why no spike in Chicago after Lollapalooza. Granted there are other factors such as many may be from other parts of the country, but still they are not seeing an unexpected spike. As a person who is vaxed, with his wife and son, and a daughter with previous lung issues that is not vaxed, the reward is not worth it on any level for me. None the less, I’m watching Chicago and Sturgis out of pure curiosity.
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