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  1. Interesting you say this, I'm not a fan of him at all during the reunion but the other day I was listening to 2010-2012 GNR concerts and was shocked about how well he fit on those songs. I'm not sure if its because slash and duff weren't there and their tones are more GNR and original (obviously) and this makes his stick out like a sore thumb now, or if he's doing something different with his drum tunings, mic set ups, or drum sizes/wood construction. There's just something about his drums that were better sounding then than now. UPDATE: he use to use pork pie drums and Zil
  2. In Richards defense he nailed the rhythm guitar, I had the same issue too and I relistened again today and there comes a point when midway through the guitars switch levels and slash is bumped up in the mix. I've been critical of franks drumming in the past, but this was probably one of his stronger songs. The outro was a bit rough for him and he lacks the chops that Sorum had on this track but I was pleasantly surprised again with how he did on this. In terms of Axl's vocals that enhancer/effect on his voice was quite a poor choice
  3. Slash is so low in the mix though, I bet someone on here could fix that easily
  4. Didn't see this part, but interesting that a drummer wasn't named. Makes you wonder
  5. wonder if other band members are on it. I mean it can't just be slash noodling right?
  6. Thanks! I couldn't tell who the engineer was either so she answered that question too! Guess he worked on SMKC albums too off a quick search. Seems like he's just trying to record things to pass the time these days. Myles is releasing a new solo album and has been focused on that.
  7. is anyone looking at Meegan's instagram story right now? Slash is recording guitar parts in studio right now. I can't tell who the engineer is and feel like that would give us some indication as to who he's recording for (GNR or SMKC).
  8. If this is new axl or even partly new axl vocals sign me up for a new album in 2050
  9. Thank you! I knew he looked familiar and didn’t think it was Izzy but figured I’d check
  10. Did anyone else see Duffs Instagram story? Idk who the other guy in the photo is but he looked a lot like Izzy
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