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  1. Sorum was the first member to acknowledge the anniversary today with a few restory posts on instagram Beta also shared something on her Instagram story yesterday morning about it
  2. no guests, no 30th anniversary mention, no HS, no changes to the set what a let down after all the media attention and the TIKTOK slash shared
  3. first time I've heard don't cry this leg and dang not bad
  4. encore time the amount of money/media attention that would have made would have been crazy Dont cry now
  5. can't remember but I don't think so. Had the same issue then. Seems like the normal thing to do tho
  6. well obviously not if they still play songs off the album. The least they could do is acknowledge it and thank the people for buying/listening to the records
  7. im shocked. very very weird night. not as tight as they were and just off their game. No mention of UYI so far is completely weird
  8. if they're lacking time I still can't understand why they wouldn't trim the jams in KOHD and RQ and slightly trim the slash solo spot. but nothing logical happens with the band anyway
  9. they are at a baseball stadium tonight...good pun 6. the anniversary of UYI has gone unmentioned by them thus far
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