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  1. In Richards defense he nailed the rhythm guitar, I had the same issue too and I relistened again today and there comes a point when midway through the guitars switch levels and slash is bumped up in the mix. I've been critical of franks drumming in the past, but this was probably one of his stronger songs. The outro was a bit rough for him and he lacks the chops that Sorum had on this track but I was pleasantly surprised again with how he did on this. In terms of Axl's vocals that enhancer/effect on his voice was quite a poor choice
  2. Slash is so low in the mix though, I bet someone on here could fix that easily
  3. Didn't see this part, but interesting that a drummer wasn't named. Makes you wonder
  4. wonder if other band members are on it. I mean it can't just be slash noodling right?
  5. Thanks! I couldn't tell who the engineer was either so she answered that question too! Guess he worked on SMKC albums too off a quick search. Seems like he's just trying to record things to pass the time these days. Myles is releasing a new solo album and has been focused on that.
  6. is anyone looking at Meegan's instagram story right now? Slash is recording guitar parts in studio right now. I can't tell who the engineer is and feel like that would give us some indication as to who he's recording for (GNR or SMKC).
  7. If this is new axl or even partly new axl vocals sign me up for a new album in 2050
  8. Thank you! I knew he looked familiar and didn’t think it was Izzy but figured I’d check
  9. Did anyone else see Duffs Instagram story? Idk who the other guy in the photo is but he looked a lot like Izzy
  10. As an optimistic viewpoint this performance gave them a stepping stone and lots of different directions they could go. Will they always do 3 songs? What year will they choose? Will they go in "setlist" order? Will they include anything with guests such as Adler or Dave Grohl or Angus? Will they do some of the deeper/cut/less played songs such as Locomotive and My Michelle? While there wasn't a video this week (and honestly I wasn't expecting one) I think it was a good first start and am curious to see how it turns out in the end
  11. I don't like him because his drums (sound wise) and fills don't mix. I actually would prefer Brain or Brent Fitz if it couldn't be Adler or Sorum. And I know I won't see Adler full time or Sorum full time so that doesn't really apply to me. I'm a drummer myself and I don't like Frank due to his drumming style in the band. His snare doesn't fit, he over uses the china cymbal, and his cymbal sounds just don't work in most songs. As mentioned before, he doesn't play the November Rain tom fill correct and that pisses me off most. Many people would argue the only people that matter are
  12. Totally agree with this, then you see him playing with Myles and he's 100 times better. Even slash's solo spot in the GNR set he seems to noodle, but kicks it up a notch. It's almost like he's trying to distract people from Axl and doing too much. Again like Frank, sometimes more is less
  13. Frank lacks the power and groove that "fits" gnr. He's great on the Chinese stuff and isn't that bad of a drummer, but he sticks out like a sore thumb in this lineup. I think (at least in my mind), I'd like him more if he played some of the tom fills the same way. November rain intro comes to mind right away. Some things just aren't meant to be changed!
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