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  1. 1 hour ago, sofine11 said:

    Honestly, I would bet the farm that TB knows they're largely hated by the fanbase and have kind of a "Well, fuck em' anyway." mentality regarding us.  

    Years back when Beta used to creep this forum, I sent her a nice message just saying "Hi" and she responded by saying something to the effect of "Wow! A nice comment on this board. How surprising."  Again, it's a victim mentality in regard to how they're viewed by the fanbase.  They're not GNR fans, so they don't give a fuck if the band puts out live albums or new studio recordings.  They're in it for the cash, and cash comes from booking shows and pumping out pointless merch.

    It's a shitty thing to say, but I sincerely hope what happens this year with the cancellations hurts them financially. I really do. Though, I'm sure that's what insurance is for.

    Victim mentality is because TB is insecure because deep down they know that they are completely incompetent. 

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  2. 1 minute ago, Gordon Comstock said:


    Yea, he's been posting on reddit today and yesterday. Says the album is "coming along".


    Here's his latest comment:


    Looks like it’s all been deleted. I just see a pic of his dog

    nevermind, found it!

  3. 1 hour ago, Sweersa said:

    Something came to my mind recently, do you think Axl is getting as much touring as possible done (as opposed to releasing music and/or touring) while he still has it in him to tour? Perhaps, when he's physically too exhausted or has less energy with age to tour as consistently and as often as he has, maybe then he will focus on music releases.

    Still doesn't make sense to me though, seeing how at this point they probably have 1 or likely even 2 records worth of material unreleased in the vault by now since he nearly had two records with vocals by the end of 2001 based on the recent mass leak.

    Just a thought.

    I actually thought something like this this morning. Maybe they’ll release when they’re completely done touring since most of the people at the shows don’t care about new music. 

    But then I remembered that Axl has released 1 album in almost 30 years. 

  4. On 2/15/2020 at 11:53 AM, ShadowOfTheWave said:

    Even Team Brazil couldn't screw up having an album announced by the time the tour literally began. So for me, it's May 20 or bust. This is as optimistic as you can humanly be in this situation.

    May 20th of what year? Lol

    And as always, smart money is on BUST. 

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  5. 1 minute ago, sofine11 said:

    True, they couldn't manage a gas station, but I'd be surprised if that bit was left out.  Looks like it'll be another solo stadium tour.

    And I gotta say, if this is the "big announcement" they're prepping for Friday, then I'm going to be really fucking disappointed. 

    Wasn’t the contest already pulled from the website?

    and who said there is announcement coming Friday?

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