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  1. The new line-up has hit live rock bottom, and not only Axl — Slash butchered NV and technical crew was sloppy as well. But it’s not something you can’t restore or improve, honestly, it was expected, just not in such scale. The main thing is what the band will learn from this experience. Maybe Covid break affected them too much (though they had long breaks before and sounded better), but, as far as I am concerned, they need to conduct official warm up shows, therefore, not to fail expectations of those who come on the first show of the tour. For example, I would never attend GNR 1st show of the tour, cause I know what it may be, so if its going to be Europe 2022, it’ll be at least 8th or 9th. And it’s not right. Maybe, general public isn’t bothered like that, but why even they should judge the band based on half-powered performance? All thing considered, they must conduct 3-5 pre-tour warm up shows in small clubs and auditoriums. That’s gonna be a good news story, and allow to perform in more intimate atmosphere, play 10-15 tracks every night with no complex songs. So, basically they need to do Trobadour 2016 before every leg. Fernando, hope you’re reading this!
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