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  1. @blackstar i'm going to post this to the Izzy appreciation group in the Facebook if you don't mind.
  2. Yeah. Probably.. I don't remember that they were late in 2006. I was so happy because izzy was there
  3. They were late back to93. Rumors said that axl played video games. In 2006 were on time I think.
  4. Υπάρχει  με εικόνα?? 

    1. Blackstar


      Όχι, δυστυχώς...

  5. I was in the 2006 too.!!!!!! 🎉 I'm still searching the live from, 93..
  6. Also I can't find the live from Athens in93 where izzy was there. If somebody has it please please upload it...
  7. Is it from live in Greece???? I'm Greek and I saw them in 2006.
  8. Do whatever you want.. Say whatever you want to say... If you can't understand that it's really obsessing talking all the time about this, I can't help you..
  9. I'm a person who doesn't have problem with people's weight sexuality all these taboos. Yeah axl is not the sexy guy used to be back to 80s-90s.. Are you sure that he doesn't advise doctors about his health?? Or he doesn't take some medicines that cause this??
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