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  1. 25 minutes ago, Blackstar said:

    In 2006 there were a little late, iirc.

    The rumour I remember from 1993 was that they were playing golf and having sex with groupies at the hotel :lol:


    This video has some pre-show footage and interviews with crew members at the Olympic Stadium a day before the show:


    Yeah. Probably.. I don't remember that they were late in 2006. I was so happy because izzy was there

  2. 1 hour ago, MillionsOfSpiders said:

    Interesting - I suppose this information has been forgotten since the other stuff has been leaking but I really wonder what has happened to these and the AfD/UYI demos and why were all of them with Zutaut? What does he have to do with Izzy and Ju Ju Hounds?

    If Izzy knows it would have been extra fun for him to have been in the Louder Than Life Festival too - seeing as Tom was there :lol:

    I saw in the show thread Axl had the backstage area cleared when he arrived haha!!

    Was Izzy at both?

    Yes... 93 and 2006.

  3. Just now, lame ass security said:

    So I come here sometimes to check out some of the pics, sue me. 😄 anyway, those are very cool pics especially the one with the Pet Shop Boys.  Seems like I remember that one from Rolling Stone back in the day.

    i prefer the old good years.. 

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  4. 17 minutes ago, Lio said:

    Aww, the women's thread. A 1000 pages and still proving how a bunch of women together can quickly become intolerable. What a lot of mean bitching in these past few pages!

    Axl should look sexy, Axl should do this, Axl should do that, I can still fit in the same clothes as when I was 16, I'm 40, but people still think I'm late 20s. Please, LOL.

    You know what? Axl's 57. He should just do what he wants to do. He's earned that right. You have the right not to look at him because you obviously don't like what you see and looks are VERRRRY important to you! Go watch some model magazine instead of being a bully. Yes, I know, several people here think it's okay to bully because when you're famous, that gives other people the right to say mean stuff, and Axl won't read it anyway. Thing is, it usually isn't enough to just bully Axl, before you know it, you have people insinuating other posters have mental problems? Really? Despicable.



  5. 45 minutes ago, ACDC8 said:

    LMAO. So... are YOU a doctor? Cleary not, as a doctor would never associate aging with such lame excuse :crazy:  

    And "time to look at yourself"? :blink: Who you think you are? LMAO You don't know about us or about the way we look, or how we take care of yourselves. Double :crazy::crazy: 

    And "it is time to eat"? Triple :crazy::crazy::crazy: 

    Take care of yourself sis! :heart: Mental health is important, VERY important. 

    I'm a person who doesn't have problem with people's weight sexuality all these taboos. Yeah axl is not the sexy guy used to be back to 80s-90s.. Are you sure that he doesn't advise doctors about his health?? Or he doesn't take some medicines that cause this?? 

  6. 16 minutes ago, killuridols said:

    I love your energy to connect the dots with these things!! :lol:

    Very funny but I think Greta has no one damn clue about who Izzy is or even Guns N' Roses :P

    But she's better off that way! :headbang:


    Hegemonic beauty and health don't go hand in hand.

    Someone can be healthy and NOT BE Gigi Hadid........ telling us to look at ourselves is weird...... like you assume what people look like here just because we talk about Axl's weight. :question:
    There's no correlation between topics.

    Also saying "probably it's time to eat" it's not the best advice you can post in here, much less to your beloved Axl.


    Are you a doctor??my beloved axl lives his life without complex... try to do the same thing...maybe you ll be a better person...

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  7. Probably some ladies here are Linda Evangelista, Naomi Campbell and gigi Hadid and they criticize people's weight.. It's time to look at yourself.. Axl was one of the most handsome and sexy man in rock.. He aged... And probably its time to eat... I don't understand what's your problem... 

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  8. 2 hours ago, Amaya said:

    Odd , little man because he is so private. Odd  , littlle old man because he writes all these songs as a hobby that no one buys enough  of in orderr for him to make money off of.   I  have been listening to some of his music .  He is sitting on a lot of untouched money. I think it is his cd, 117, but I am not sure if that is the one full of untapped Country Music hits . I'll have to check later.. He can sell that  with a nice bow on top in Nashville to CM entertainers.  His songs could be recorded by CM  entertainers.  CM is happening. It has been for years and years.  This odd , little old, private, semi- retired man should pack up his quitar and head over to The Bluebird Cafe in Nashville . 


    Jesus... He is only 57 years old.. 

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